Intuition and Deja Vu

Numerous books have been written about the mystery of intuition and déjà vu.  So it is a tall order to comment on it in a blog. But, as usual, I have a theory! Surprised? If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you shouldn’t !

My first experience with déjà vu was when I was around 8 years old.  I read a word that I had never heard in a book .  It was rendezvous.  I had no idea from the context what the heck a rendezvous was, so I asked my mom, and she explained the meaning of the French word to me.  I was fascinated by it, having never really paid attention to a foreign language before.  And then I heard it said on three different occasions in the next couple of days.  Déjà vu.

To me déjà vu and intuition are closely linked.  Why? Both of them access an area in our minds that science has not been able to penetrate.  And I think they relate to the above story.  An awareness of an event (or word in my case) that all of a sudden becomes meaningful.  I think Déjà vu is when you have unconsciously noticed a place, situation etc, but it didn’t impact your conscious mind until it re-occurred in a meaningful way to you.  Then, viola! You notice….and a feeling of “groundhog day” creeps over you.

I think intuition is similar.  The subconscious notices massive amounts of information, not impressed on the conscious mind.   Some people are just better at accessing this information, or more sensitive to it.  I have had several “intuitive” moments, where I either dreamed something that happened later, or felt the “pricking of my neck” that something wasn’t right.  Two of the most dramatic in recent years were both disastrous events.

Two days before my son was put in ICU for a terrible bus accident, I had a dream that he was in ICU.  Psychic you say?  Nope.  For months the bus had a loud screeching sound when the brakes were applied.  Long story short (the details are HERE so I wont bore you twice), I believe the increasingly loud sound over the prior days before the accident set off my dream.

When I built my home, I was the end of the subdivision for several years.  One early evening as I was out in my yard, I noticed a construction crew in the field next to me.   I experienced an overwhelming feeling of danger.   And you will not BELIEVE what happened!  To find out the details, the story will be coming out….soon!

The moral of these stories are that in both cases I knew there was something wrong.  But I didn’t trust my instincts.  I believe that God gave us instinct, or a “pre-programmed sense of danger”, to protect us.  And in today’s civilized society, we don’t exercise this skill or, in my case, don’t trust it.  My typical response to an internal alarm is, “Oh, it’s ok, don’t be paranoid”.  And when I have spoken up (loudly!), especially when my bells ring at work, I am generally not listened to, and 8/10 times I am correct.  Of course, there is a little experience added to that!

So why do some people seem to be better at “connecting the invisible dots” than others?  I think it is related to how people process information.  I know that my mind works on projects in the background.  I am the type of person who has to have my subconscious mind figure out the details on a project before I can do it.  And every now and then a detail of a project I know I need to create pops into my head.  Another piece of the puzzle is in place.  It is a passive process, but when ready, it all comes to my conscious mind and I can write it all in one piece.  Most of my posts are like this.  I will get an idea, write the title and let it ferment.  When it is ready, the oven door rings, I sit down and write it from A-Z.  Poems as well.  And odd way to work, I grant you, and definitely has drawbacks with deadlines.  But if I try to force it, the amount of time I spend on a lesser quality product is really not worth the effort.

I would love to know if anyone else processes this way.  My husband thinks I am nuts.

What are your ideas on instinct and déjà vu?

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5 comments on “Intuition and Deja Vu

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    love it

  2. To me déjà vu and intuition are closely linked. It happens to me all the time but in small things.. and then I am almost always right and asy why didn´t I trusted my gut!!!

  3. I had a dream that my friend got fired from his job and I told him about the dream as a warning, 4 to 5 months later it happened, I experience deja vu here and there, sometimes once a week, I started to observe my surroundings when it happens to try to understand why, my intuition is on point so I know to listen to it majority of the time, I’ve been told I see things deeper than most people by a couple of people, I’m still trying to understand my “gift”, I believe I get it from my mother, she told me I listen to it very well, when I was little i knew this guy was going to rob a lady 10 to 15 minutes before it happened while waiting in line with my mom, he wasn’t suspicious at all, I just felt it even when I was very young, maybe 2nd or 3rd grade, let me know what you think, I don’t like those fake television psychics at all, it’s like a disrespect to me

    • I certainly haven’t researched anything related to this, so this is just my opinion. I think the “subconscious” is one of the the “last unknown”, and just like some persons have enhanced IQ/EQ, there are people who have the ability to tap into the unconscious mind. We “see” so much information that the brain logs, and I think certain persons can connect these impressions and turn it into “instinct” or foresight or whatever you wish to call it. I have also experienced many instincts where dreams or impressions have resulted in reality later on.
      I have always found it interesting that the Bible tells of persons acting on warnings given to them in dreams, and persons renouned for their foresight to the point that the Bible called them prophets, so this definitely is a phenomenon that has been around for millennia.

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