Supernatural Experiences

This is a bit of an odd post, but I recently had a conversation with a person who had a supernatural experience, and it reminded me of two experiences of my own that I thought I would share.

I don’t know how many people have actually had supernatural experiences, but I have had two experiences that are very interesting stories.  I would be interested in hearing your stories if you are willing to share them.  Tangible experiences certainly solidify the reality that there is a large spiritual population that revolves all around us.  And I think that sharing them can be a very powerful testimony of their reality.

When I was 7 I attended a birthday party sleepover.  Ten girls all crammed like a scrabble game in a small living room.  Needless to say we did NOT sleep, but were rowdy and jumping off the walls.  Around 2 am or so, one of the girls suggested we play a game she was taught by her sister.  In the game, an incantation was said, and if done correctly, the group could levitate objects.  I can attest to the fact that it worked very well.  We played for hours, levitating all kinds of stuff, including ourselves.  I was fascinated by it, not realizing the dark nature that we were invoking.  It was my first evidence that the supernatural was real.  While it is not an edifying story and I should have known that it was not something a Christian should dabble in, I have remembered this experience as a good warning that there are forces that one does not want to tempt.


A couple of years ago I was attacked while sleeping.  I became aware and felt a sense of smothering.  I saw three women with black eyes only  an inch or two from my face chanting very quickly and loudly. I knew they were invoking some spell over me.  Something said to me, “Wake up NOW, you must call out Jesus’ name! You must wake up now!” I remembering a huge struggle to wake myself up, but their force was holding me down.  Finally I thrashed around and half sat up screaming out “Jesus” in slurred speech.  Immediately I was completely awake.  And instead of being terrified of this experience, I had the deepest sense of peace and joy I have ever known, outside of the extreme joy I felt after accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  In moments when I doubt everything in life, I remember these experiences, and I know that there is more to life then what we can see, hear, touch, smell and taste.  This picture is very similar to how they looked.

Teh-Kenji digital art

Before turning Christian, both my parents had experiences with the Ouija board.  My mother went to a baby shower, and a friend brought one to ask it about the baby.  The board said the child would be born dead.  And the child was born dead.

Coincidence?  I think not.

Ouija boards are rumored to have a demonic spirit attached to each one of them.  My dad had a Ouija board as a teen, and was very active with it.  One day the board told him to “Go to hell” after my dad asked it where its’ power came from.  My dad burned it, knowing that this object was an evil device.  He said it hurt him as it was burning.  Playing with demonic fire will only burn you in the end.  He became a believer that there was more to life then what he experienced, and I think this helped him when he decided to accept Jesus’ gift of salvation.

Has anyone else had a tangible experience with supernatural forces?


5 comments on “Supernatural Experiences

  1. I tend to agree that these types of experiences are real to those who witness them.
    When my mother died I lived a long way from where she had lived.
    In bed that night she came to me and said goodbye. It was as clear as if she was there in the room with me.
    Weird stuff does happen that we cannot explain but accept as an event that did happen.

    • Of course it could have been all the wine I had that night….LOL, just kidding! Amazing about your mom. Something special to remember for sure. Although, I have a whole lotta people who I DONT wish visit me when they die 🙂

  2. The supernatural is real. I watched an old friend, an older woman, die- during the last few hours, she told me what was going on. She was going through a spiritual battle that she saw but I did not, but I sensed very strongly. The devil was trying to take her, she told me- she described the evil she saw…she was very afraid. She was matter of fact about angels being present later…as if it was actually more normal than me being there.

    I have way too many of my own experiences I could share. Suffice to say, God is very real, as is The Evil One’s minions- which In have seen with my own eyes. The bottom line is that the supernatural exists,

    • This post was a stretch for me, for the subject makes people uneasy. Yet countless people have died, or had near death experiences, or experiences such as you or I and no one wants to admit that there is a world or another dimension that we cannot see. Theoretical physics admits that there could be up to 11 dimensions in space. Is that not enough to make thinking persons wonder? The supernatural is the subject of many great historical and religious works–were they just on a collective millennial high?

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