Doin Paleo My Way

I have been closely skittering on the edge of eating like a caveman for a few weeks now.  I can say that sugar cravings do go away.  I can also say that our food is way too sweet and salty.  And that is just after a couple of weeks.  A few months from now and I wont be able to get a salad at Panera 😦

Yesterday we went out to dinner to my son’s favorite restaurant, Olive Garden (Blech–don’t judge me by his cover!)  I hate Olive Garden, but my son loves their salty Fettuccine Alfredo.  And he has been asking for a while now.  We don’t go out a lot, my husband likes to cook on the weekends and I like to save money.  Win-win.  Looking at the menu, I discovered only ONE dish that was Paleo friendly on the Lighter fare list.  Depressing.  I am stuck with one dish if I am to eat my dinner like a caveman.  It was apricot chicken, and I don’t get apricot chicken a lot, so ok.  Here is a Paleo visual for those who want a quick look of stuff on the global menu.

This morning my husband wanted to make waffles.  Not caveman friendly.  But I love waffles, so I said YUM and mentally flipped off the cavemen for the morning.  But after I took a bite, I looked at the waffle and thought: wow, there is nothing too this.  It’s tasteless!  See, that’s what happens when you stop all refined sugars and foods.  When you go back, it’s empty nothing. Although I have to put in a disclaimer: I can’t really taste simple carbohydrates well as chemo burned my nerve endings off.  But waffles had a lot more taste before going off all refined foods.

My husband has been quite entertained, though, listening to my machinations when I try to incorporate food that isn’t officially on the list.  Take the waffles today.  He was pouring maple syrup on his.  I had blueberries, but after my mouthful of crunchy cardboard that maple syrup looked mighty fine to me.

Me: Hmmm….I know maple syrup isn’t listed but….

Brent: {a grin in his voice} Go on.

Me: What if a caveman was passing by a maple tree and saw sticky sap running down it….

Brent: They were curious, I’m with you….

Me: He goes over and uses all his senses….

Brent: Cavemen would, those were their tools…

Me: So he reaches out, swipes some and sticks it in his mouth.

Brent: Eureka moment for caveman and mankind.

Me: He goes back to the clan and they all gather around the tree, taking turns swiping at the delicious sap.

Brent: A delicacy is born.

Me: And it is not only added to their diet, it is a rare tradable item with other cave-colonies.

And with that I drizzle a little on my waffle.  🙂

I have had to wiggle yogurt into the caveman days.  I love Greek yogurt and the dual chamber Chobani with the seeds or with the nuts is awesome, and healthy. So here is my story and I am sticking to it:

My cavemen tribe had goat pets and figured out that goat milk was pretty good. (Ick, but go with it).  One day a cavechild was drinking goat milk from a cavecup and left some in it.  Just like children today, the cavechild did not bring the cavedishes to the cavemomma, and the milk was left out in the sun.  Two days later the cavechild finally found the cup and, curious, dipped their finger in the thick sludge, and tried it.  The sour yet interesting flavor got the cavechild all excited and it ran to cavemomma.  Cave momma first had a fit over the filthy cavecup, but, curious herself, she dipped her finger in it and viola, Cave yogurt was born.



2 comments on “Doin Paleo My Way

  1. You’re re-inventing food all over again aren’t you. Had you lived during the paleo era you’d have been a top cave chef with all your finger dipping exercises and The Gimpet Arms would have been the place to eat.
    xxx Hugs xxx

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