Quote: Bad Days

 Sometimes I feel like a painfully red, swollen pus-filled boil on the butthole of life. 

On better days, I just feel like a bottom feeder in life’s great ocean.

Author: ME

6 comments on “Quote: Bad Days

  1. In either case it sounds as though you’re feeling low. Time to come up for air, take a good look at yourself and see just how important you are to so many people and that alone should make you feel better.
    xxx I send Hugs xxx

    • I originally wrote this some time ago as a joke, but I kept it in my draft folder. Since I am having difficulties, I thought it was pertinent to my situation. Sigh. But you have to admit if I was in a happier mood it’s kind of funny….

  2. It’s no fun being where you are. I have been that boil before, puss filled and all. I have not shared with you a few things we have in common. I want to share them with you in a message or email, rather than a comment to your post. Just know that even though you may FEEL like that doesn’t mean you ARE a boil. You are a precious child of the God who created you and everything in this entire universe. And you’re special to me. I look forward to reading everything you write, the beauty and the boils. You are an encouragement to me. I admire your candor and your stories. You have such a stockpile of things and people to be grateful for. I am grateful for you.

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