Birds of a Feather Flock Together

I have been in my current home for 7 years.  And for 7 years I have had a Purple Marlin family nest on the area between the column and the roof of my front porch.  It is a great spot, protected from even the worst storm.  The only thing taking down that nest is a F4 Tornado….or Lori with a serious water hose.

Smart, nesting place, eh?

Yes, one year I thought they were not coming back, and I was cleaning my porch like a mad woman.  I hosed down the nest.

 My porch looks like a white trash hot mess.


So I cleaned the heck out of it. The bad part of having a nest above the porch is the bird poo. It is mounded up under their nest.


Totally gross!

My husband was furious. I made them work harder now re-building.  And that is exactly what they had to do.  But I figured that they needed a new home as I am sure the old one was filthy.  I should do it every year.  But I would be vilified, so no more waterhose for me.
I do get some black humor entertainment….every few minutes one of the birds knock themselves on the window above our front door.  It’s like watching “America’s Funniest Home Videos”.  Yes, not nice, but funny all the less.

One day the momma knocked herself so hard that she fell on the porch.  We went out and sat with her for about 30 minutes.  Her eyes were open and she was breathing, but I thought she broke her back. We eventually decided to get a box and put her in it.  As soon as I touched her, she came out of her trance and flew off.  Next time I will just poke it.
They like to sit on the little overhang on our window over the front door.  We see them peeking in, watching our every move.  Big Brother with wings.  We have 4 cats, and they entertain each other all day; the cats slinking around and the birds staring through the window for dangerous movements.  My cats watch for their chance to get out.  They are like lightning when the door is opened.  As soon as one gets out the birds go Ape..sh…. and scream and fly around.  And of course the cat that escapes waits for their chance, then jumps up and grabs one.  Today I had to make Sophie release one of the junior birds that got freaked out and fell out of the nest.  I don’t think that one will be a survivor if it is that clumsy.


The birds grow so fast!  First you can only see little baby beaks, but in a couple of weeks they are huge and fat and overflowing the nest.  The parents are CONSTANTLY feeding them.  They have to be exhausted!  I love watching them all open their mouths and squeal when she comes with a tidbit.  We have a lot of stuff for them to eat, and a lake across the street, so they don’t have to look far for food.  The nest quickly gets crowded as the fat little birds grow.

Ahh the free entertainment of wildlife….

4 comments on “Birds of a Feather Flock Together

  1. We have a couple of house wrens who build a nest and have their young underneath the eve on our patio. We love to watch the process from them flying up to the house to build the next to the day the little ones get fed and finally fly away as adults. We’ve had them in the spring every year for about ten now. You are right. Free wildlife entertainment is a blast.
    Don’t like cats but our dog Velvet brought in some dead baby rabbits this spring from the crap and old logs we have piled in our back yard. She hid one behind the couch and we made her drop the other one before the grandkids saw them. They would have gone ape s___ as you say, if they had seen the dead bunnies. How are you, by the way. Doing better with the anger, I pray. Stay in touch. God bless.

    • Oh, poor babies! We have tried to save baby rabbits in the past, but no go. Of course, the pesky little blighters eat all of our fruit, but they sure are cute. I have come to terms with my loss, but I still haven’t told my parents that everything they gave me is gone. That is the toughest of all. While I am not into stuff, I feel the weight of poor stewardship as those items were entrusted to me.

      • Lorene, I don’t think your loss has much to do with bad stewardship. I think you were as good a steward as you could possibly be according to the circumstances that caused the items to be taken from you. In my opinion, that’s the devil trying to heap some false guilt and condemnation on you. I will pray for you. I know that must be a tough thing for you to have to think about doing. I’m sorry. And I’m praying.

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