For thousands of years cats have managed to brainwash owners into thinking that caring for a creature who sleeps all day, protects nothing and makes you clean up all their excrement is a worthwhile pet.  The difference between a cat and a husband? 

Cats are cheaper to get rid of…  🙂

Author: ME


11 comments on “Quote: RELATIONSHIPS

  1. You are a Premium Hoot.

    • Thank you for getting it! It was meant as a JOKE, but I think people are taking me seriously….

      • You and I have a similar sense of humor. It’s one of your endearing qualities that makes me like you and your writing so much. You’re great with the language. That’s a real endearing quality for me. God bless.

  2. plus they don’t argue with you about shit!

  3. They are like husbands in that you can talk to them all day and you never know if they are listening or not – but neither of them seem to care a whit

  4. They also shed all over your favorite chair,,,,,

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