An Open Letter to WP on my One Year Anniversary

Dear WordPress,

Today you thoughtfully congratulated me on my one year blogging anniversary with a cute little champagne glass.  To celebrate, I looked through my umpteen pages of posts on my dashboard, and read snippets along the way.  And I discovered that you have allowed my readers to know me better than my own family.  Wow, I have posted about a lotta stuff.  A book of memoirs really.  And you are my free publisher.

Well, sorta free.  I did opt for customization.  But that was my choice.  I am a sucker for fonts and changing out color schemes.  I actually tried 5 different themes.  And blogged about all the hours  I spent trying them on one by one, changing all the colors and backgrounds until I found the perfect fit for me (My Restless Site Syndrome).  And you have so much to offer that I did find the perfect fit a few months ago.  I love Nuntius.  Not popular, but it has great bones, and I think I have been creative with my customization.

And I am not an artist.  But you helped me create a blog that looks like I knew what I was doing.  What an accomplishment.

And I think I am a little better at blogging than I was when I started.  I saw lots of mistakes that I started to correct, then stopped.  After all, I was not reading to edit.  They are perfect for who I was then.

This blog started as a place to write amateur poetry, and it morphed into a hot mess.  But it is my hot mess, and I am a better person for the time spent creating poems, making up goofy quotes, sharing stories and even singing into a Rock Band mic at the risk of losing every hard-earned follower.

This blog is my therapy.  It has helped me practice word recall, a problem I developed after reconstruction surgery and cancer.  For while I still struggle with remembering words, poetry now pours out of my head, comfortable in the knowledge that it stands on a great platform.  You perfectly frame the better attempts and soften the bad.  You have aided my brains’ attempt to heal itself.  You help me when the darkness of bipolar depression grapple hooks my mood.  And I have a place for my poetry with readers who inspire me to write more.  Hmmm……that could be taken either way…..

I pour it out.  My own literary penseive.

I am in love with this space, my very own little blip on the internet, writing about topics that are meaningful, or funny, or sad.  Writing about the world as I have experienced it.  Word Press is a venue that allows the concept of blogging to grow into art.  Someday I hope to be a true WP artist.  Until then, I will toddle on with my simple creations told with simple perspective.

I recently created a second blog for darker poetry.  Fantasies of a Forlorn Fairy
I did it because you allowed me to.  And I love going there when dark days need to be emptied out of my soul.  And I found another theme that fit me to a “T”.

If you gave out anniversary presents, I would ask for a WP symbol that had a year 1 on it that I could display, and a fantasy theme where unicorns and fairies could dance with dragons.

While I will never be a blogger worthy of your attention or bragging rights, I often talk about you to anyone who will listen. Free word of mouth advertising, which is really all I can give back.
To my few followers, THANK you for reading a nobody’s simple blog.  For while I would post even if no one read it, your comments are precious to me!


19 comments on “An Open Letter to WP on my One Year Anniversary

  1. Great stuff! Congrats on one year!

  2. Congratulations many fall by the wayside before the year is up. And great post.

    • Yes, the amount of effort it takes to build it up is not for the faint of heart. It is like a second business, or, at the very least, a very intensive hobby. I didn’t realize it when I first started, and felt like I was rowing uphill for months. One of my favorite bloggers quit because he was following 400 blogs and spent every minute of every day until he got so burned out I don’t believe he will return. As he was the most talented poet I have ever read, I am very sad over it. One must pace oneself or get sucked into a vortex that is, at its’ heart, a joy and a journey.

      • Ignorance is bliss. I still absolutely love blogging and writing my posts. I suppose as long as we have that we will survive. I have lost a couple of favourites. One in particular I miss every day, but I hope he will return some day.
        Congrats again and take it one step at a time and you might make two years!

  3. This is a great post Lori. I agree with you that blogging is excellent therapy, a place where can empty our minds and have wonderful people respond positively to the thoughts we put down.
    Like you I marvel at what I have achieved in the short time I have been a blogger, the lovely friends I have made, the support and encouragement that comes with belonging to this ‘family’. Well done on reaching a year, hopefully this tome next year I am reading about your second.xx

  4. To some of us you already are a true WP artist!! Happy 1st Anniversary, here’s to many more 🙂

  5. Here’s to the next one. xxx Hugs xxx

    • I once wrote a letter at 14 to myself at 24. I wonder what year two will say, and how I will feel when I read year one, if I am lucky enough to still be here. I read that letter at 24, and cried the whole time.

  6. happy one year blog-anniversary. i actually like your adorably cute gravatar. It is with trepedation that I say I love your hot, happy little fairy women. And hope to meet one in a fanta sea one day..

    • Yes, isn’t she awesome! I knew you would luve her, you are the type. I luv her too. She is my alter ego wanna be. Actually it was luv at first sight for me. And in a gravatar line up she stands out in a luminescent glow. I am weird enough to open up all the gravatar likes on a post after I have like it myself and admire her with the lesser muggles. I give you leave to borrow her in your dreams…but only if you are kind and treat her well! 🙂

      • Of course. I am a gentleman, a kind folk. I have never had a femme fae in my dreams though, not that I recall.

        • A sad, sad comment on the dearth of imagination in dreamland…..I actually looked a lot like this as a little girl, which is partly what drew me to it. I was very pale with pale fine blond hair and enormous blue eyes! Then, overnight around the age of 4, presto, my eyes changed to aqua greeny blue and my hair to a thick cinnamon colored curly NIGHTMARE. My mom chopped it and refused to let me grow it again, until I graduated from college! I look HIDEOUS in short hair, it sticks up all over my head in weird waves. Ok, I am rambling….the end is that I love her hair, and I will wish you a lovely dream rescuing a fairy damsel and her unicorn.

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