Region 3 Disaster Follow up

The New York Times posted a piece stating that a simulated US wide EMP disaster drill is planned for Nov 13/14.  The drill is called “Grid X II”.  The final planning phase is to be completed on October 1.  Could this be the reason for the massive mobilization of the army and supplies?

The Washington Examiner reported on July 31 that a massive solar flare narrowly missed Earth.  This flare was powerful enough that the electromagnetic pulse would have completely disrupted the power grid.

Former CIA director Jim Wolsey has stated on an online video that “we are at war and our enemies are trying to actively take down our power grid now.  No one is in charge and there is no plan, nor is there an agency in place to oversee the grid and plan for a disaster of this kind.”  This is a long video, but discusses the problems and history of our electrical current grid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBfALe8X9C8

Of further interest, I found a creepy video that shows that Comet ISON’s debris trail will transect North America from Region 3 straight across to Washington state from Jan 10-17, 2014.  The video is pretty amazing, but I don’t know the actual probability that debris is certain to hit the US.  Another reason for mobilization?


With this in mind, it is reasonable that the army is mobilizing for potential problems.  It is up to us to be prepared.  Of interest, my husband tried to buy some long-term food, available online, and it is all backordered.  The site says the government has been buying up all long-term food supplies.

Of course, one cannot forget infectious disease.  Our favorite season, influenza, is starting, and with it comes MERS and SARS and a host of other potential disasters.  Having just returned from Mexico, I was interested in all the people who are now wearing masks.  Not a bad idea when packed like sardines in hours long custom lines.  The agents all kept asking if we had been exposed to any farms.  No, but you certainly are interested in that question, aren’t you?  We had to go through FOUR checkpoints in Dallas.   I am on the CDC list for upcoming infectious disease warnings, and they are hitting the “prepare for an emergency” pretty hard right now.

And finally, I must mention my favorite conspiracy sites, which says that the government will cause this disaster as a false flag to induce US citizens to endorse war.  Apparently this has been a tactic in the past, including allegations of misinformation leaked to Japan of imminent attack by the US, inducing them to “attack us first” at Pearl Harbor.  Take it or leave it.  Doesn’t surprise me when one looks at the evils of war in history.  The depths of evil know no bounds in politics and the worst in men is produced when power is coveted by power-hungry evildoers.  And you can quote me on that.

The HAARP project (man-made weather project) is generating a lot of negative press in the conspiracy sites.  The 20 inch rainfall in Colorado and the unusual pattern of Hurricaine Sandy are two events blamed on this effort to control our weather.  I am completely in the dark with HAARP, other than to be amazed at how the “chemtrails” –or whatever they are—have picked up in the skies above my neighborhood.  And conjecture of another weather event is one of the FEMA rumors.

I hope you find the above, at the very least, interesting……it never hurts to prepare.

Makes me want to return to my bed with my covers over my head……

3 comments on “Region 3 Disaster Follow up

  1. interesting… glad I live in Canada!!!

  2. FYI–the USDA customs form always asks you if you have been to any agricultural areas, and has for years, at lease since I started flying internationally in the 1990’s. This is in order to decrease or hopefully halt the spread of plant and animal diseases that are naturally prevalent in other parts of the world. For instance, certain types of food plant blights (let’s use tobacco mosaic virus as an example) can be picked up on one’s boots while visiting a farm where that is present. You pack your virus-laden boots in your luggage, arrive home and go out to look at your own tobacco field, and voila! You’ve just inoculated your field with TMV. Now of course with things like scrapie (sheep) and even bovine tuberculosis, you have to actually have tissue, the fresher the better, which is why we are not allowed to take meat in our baggage. Ah, agriculture. So much more convenient than hunting and gathering, but not nearly as healthy 😉

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