Tossing my coffee and various other stomach contents

Thursday was a normal day.  Which means day three of insanity.  I work 3 12+ hour shifts each week on Tuesday/Wednesday and Thursday.  Get all the pain done and then collapse for four days to recover.

Generally by Thursday I am at a low point.  So this past Thursday I didn’t think much about my heart racing as I drove into  the lot of my hospital.  After all, I am horribly behind on lots of projects and have 300 unread email sitting in the queue needing to be answered.

As I walked down the hall, all of a sudden I thought I was going to faint.  Wow, I’m having a panic attack…am I?

Two minutes later I was laid out on a chair puking the last 24 hours of everything that passed my lips and thinking that my prediction that I was going to be carried out in a body bag at work was coming true.  My only thought: Why do I make stupid predictions that always come true?

For two hours I retched, unable to even get out of the chair.  Talk about humiliating.  My husband finally got free to pick me up and I couldn’t even stand.  My silver lining was the wheelchair they found for me to slump into.

I wretched all day and was unable to get up the next due to dehydration and dizziness.  My family tried, sort of, to help, but my husband was on call this week and had limited ability to help me out, being overworked and exhausted himself.  My secret stash of ginger ale had been found my the soda freaks.  For some reason, ginger ale is the only thing I want when I am sick.

So here is the bizarre thing.  Saturday I was tired but I could get up and eat and do chores etc.  Today, the exact same thing happened to me as Thursday.  I got up and thought my blood sugar was low.  I felt starving.  So I ate a loaded veggie scrambled egg extravaganza and drank ginger ale.  Let me warn anyone who decides that the above combination comes up well:  it really really doesn’t.  Ginger ale burns and veggies come up in painful pieces.  Thank God for slippery egg. LOL

Boom.  Nausea, feeling like I am going to pass out, hot flashes, sweating.  PUKE.  I think my blood pressure went low again, or my blood sugar or something is really unhappy in Loriland.  Only today I had severe vertigo on top of it right before I tossed my lovely breakfast.  My nurse practitioner friend says she thinks my knee infection has seeded me and I am infected.  In which case it will get worse.  The problem is, I hate doctors.  I mean, going to them.  Any time one goes to urgent care, they don’t do crapola unless you are dying.  And my symptoms are too bizarre.  I don’t have fever, so that means a load of tests and money.  No, thanks, I will go when I think they will actually treat me if it keeps up.  I need a real treatable symptom, although I guess they could help a bit with the vertigo if it flares up again.

Sudden illness just throws one into a jumble of what the heck just happened to me?  And how could I feel ok one minute and be semi-comatose the next?  It makes one not want to get up in the morning!  Let’s hope that the reality of my now 400 emails will not throw my body into some other freak this next week.


10 comments on “Tossing my coffee and various other stomach contents

  1. Oh you poor thing Lori, thank you for the graphic detail, just what I needed after lunch, hope you do feel better soon, or those emails will get ginormous.

  2. I hate to press “Like” for this. I don’t “Like” what’s happening. I wish they had a “Gee, I’m sorry” choice, or an “Ahhhh” choice. This sounds worse than the phantom nipple itch. I’m so sorry. I had the pukes this week, but not like that. Tossing the contents of my stomach sucks and with me it’s always painful. Another thing to pray for. I hope you feel better today. God bless.

    • This latest is a real mystery. Got me barnswaggled. Whatever that is. Which is the point, I think.

      • You are the only other person besides my Uncle Darrell I’ve ever heard use the word “barnswaggled”. He was a farmer and when he was looking for something in the barn he couldn’t find, he’d say, “I just can’t find the darn thing, I’m barnswaggled.” Just thought a big of Sawyer family useless trivia might make you smile a bit. I’m sure sorry you’re barnswaggled and I really pray you get unbarnswaggled soon.

  3. Oh my I hope they get you on the mend quickly.

    • What is that saying “to each his own”? There are many that do not so thank you so much for the compliment. It came at a much needed moment. Shall I post more cookie tossing moments? 🙂

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