A universal truth

ME (Laying in bed feeling like fossilized bat guano)  “I am seriously effed up”

Brent:  (Turned to stone,  moments pass)  “There is so much truth to that statement and so many layers to my answer that my mind has momentarily blown”

The love from my family knows no bounds.  It is in illness that one truly knows ones’ standing with persons who declare love in fair weather.



7 comments on “A universal truth

  1. I truly hope you begin to feel better soon.

  2. I’m loving your descriptive powers. Never would I once have contemplated what fossilised bat guano felt like, and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to find out.
    Brent has a power of prevarication I admire.He was able to answer what might be an angry wife and still say nothing. That skill should be bottled and sold.
    If being effed is less about your health on this occasion and more about the moment, I hope you soon get it sorted out. If it was a comment on your health, I sympathise and hope something can be done to alleviate those feelings.
    I send Huge Hugs xxxx

    • Sigh…it is vertigo. Bad, evil, topsy turvy vertigo. I am a dizzy broad…. Yes Brent has the corner on the “PC” market. His statements make me laugh. At least I laugh!

  3. Shame its in illness though isn’t it.
    Hope you are back on deck soon.
    Take care

    • I don’t think he was just talking about illness….LOL
      I cant wait until the world stops turning upside down. I feel like I am on the ship in Pirates of the Caribbean 3 when the world “flips”. LOL–I “flipped” slowly like the Titanic this morning when I leaned over….right on to my bottom!

  4. Wow, that sounds familiar- like someone I used ti know. Bat Guano? Definitely down there in the top ten piles of crap hall of fame.

    • Just slightly worse than the large pile of bird droppings right. outside. my. front. door. I host a purple marlin next on my covered porch…interesting color changes over time….. LOL

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