Cancun and 20 years of marriage

My husband and I decided to go on a 20 year anniversary vacation. Our timeshare has a resort in Cancun, but we haven’t felt comfortable trying it out with the kids.  Four white gringos who don’t know more than a smattering of Spanish are chump change to kidnappers, or so we have been led to believe.  But we love the pictures from the resort site, and I have always wanted to go, the Mayan culture and Chichen Itza being one of my favorites (minus the cannibalism), so Brent and I decided to try it out.


The view from our window

I posted my woes over my lack of melanin HERE.  Cancun is not for the weather- challenged-faint-of-heart.  The sun murdered me–with two separate applications of 80 cream and then a layer of spray over that.  I could only stay out in the sun for less than an hour.  I slunk around the shaded perimeters like a Vampire.  I wouldn’t last a day there.  The weather was hot, HUMID with periods of scorching sun interspersed with periods of rain.  I don’t know how Mexicans live there.  Got to hand it to them, they are hardy souls.  The only place I thrive is in my ancestral native Ireland.  Yes, my “Someday” dream.

But the WATER.  Clear aqua green and turquoise.  I live for the sound and sight of waves (see my poem Wave Song).  I sat under a native thatched umbrella in the afternoons and IMMERSED myself in the sight of such beauty.  That simple experience was worth the sunburn and heat.


My wave pictures are MIA!

The resort has a fabulous infinity pool right off the beach.  When standing in the pool it creates an illusion of unbroken sea.  During times of “unsunniness”, I laid over the side of the pool and watched the waves.  Drove Brent nuts that I could do that for untold periods of time.  He is an action guy.  Go for it, I will watch you frolic in the waves, dear.  Yes, I did once, but painfully.


Infinity pool and ocean–see the illusion?

Mexico has “recently” gone to the peso.  Recently enough that the poor vendors still struggle with the exchange rate.  So did we!  But excursions are pitifully cheap, so cheap that Brent and I gave at least the same amount in tips to the poor guides, who all did an excellent job.  If you want to be active and have a reasonably inexpensive vacation, this is a good place.  In Atlantis (see post from the hurricane HERE with even a poem!), I am used to paying for everything out the nose.  Snorkeling can cost 1000.00 depending on what you do.  So, a private tour driving our own boat with our own guide for 58.00 was almost unbelievable.

Unfortunately for me, I had to cancel most of my excursions.  See my other post  for why.  But we decided to try the resort again next December with the kids to catch stuff we missed.  Hopefully December wont be quite so murderous on my skin.

But I did get to go to Chichen Itza.  Problem was, it was 94 degrees, 100% humidity and even a minute in the sun made me feel faint.  And that was with an umbrella.  Next time I am bringing a water-fan, a sweat band and a hand towel.  Despite that, the site is amazing and that temple, one of the 7 new wonders of the modern world, lived up to its’ reputation.  You have to go to listen to the genius behind its’ incredible geometry.  And to top it off, somehow they managed to make the top sound just like a bird of paradise’s chirp when you clap on the lawn.  Acoustically identical per the engineers who studied the sound.  I have seen numberous shows on the site, but you really have to go there to understand the magnificence.


Mayan descendants in ceremonial costume

Our Gregorian calendar is off by one day in 4 years.  The Mayan large-scale calendar is off by I day in 10800 years (or thereabout).  With just their fingers and the stars.  Amazing.

Sadly, the site is marred by two things: vendors “illegally” line the streets of the city–hundreds of them, cat calling to tourists and generally being a huge nuisance.  And part of the temple’s stones were taken to build hotels and a cathedral, and cannot–or will not–be replaced.  This appears to eat at the heart of the Mayan community who still reside in the area.  I don’t blame them.  So one side of the temple is badly damaged with no hope to restore it.


Undamaged side of temple


Damaged side of the temple–see the missing stones that were pilfered?

We had a nice quiet week.  The food is marvelous and I gorged on Mexican specialities and seafood.  Yum.


Cenote!  Clear 58 degree water.  Swim anyone? 


Me in a cool cave. Im too ugly for swimsuit shots…..SO DONT ASK

Our travel back was a PIA.  Dallas was closed, reason undisclosed, so getting into the country was horrible.  I was injured with an infected knee, which made it about intolerable. Twelve hours of travel, four checkpoints that looked at the same thing (really?), hours in line with other exhausted, irritable travelers after Dallas re-opened and the dumbest re-entry system I have ever seen.  We never have problems getting into Atlanta from the Bahamas, our usual “out-of-country” travel.  We will never go through Dallas again as an entry point into the US!


3 comments on “Cancun and 20 years of marriage

  1. Oh I love that weather – I’m a sun/sand/water/hot weather girl. I hope your leg is getting better though – and that your next trip south will be more pleasant (go in January and it should be)

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