Dont do what your Dr says, do what the bottle says

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its  limits.”

Albert  Einstein

This is a post about stupidity.  My stupidity. You may not be interested. You may think, how much stupid can one woman have in one month?  I can answer that:  A LOT.  But I am posting this even though it makes me look like an electrified idiot because I am irritated—and to warn you,  or find out if others have had this problem.

PS: this is post #3 about a complex and disturbing problem I have had for the last 10 days. Look HERE for #1 and HERE for #2.  Reading this one without the others will make you crazy.  Or just skip if you don’t want to know what a goofball I am right now.

My PCP told me he was starting me on 40 mg of prednisone on Friday and I was to take it once every morning.  My husband picked it up later in the evening, so for Friday morning I took an equivalent dose of the Medrol pack and I would start the prednisone the next morning.

Saturday I got up early (one should take it around 6ish–bleck) and I felt terrible, so with my eyes closed from vertigo, I took one pill and popped back into bed to wait until I felt better.  I was very disappointed that I didn’t get the same relief as Friday when I woke up later.  I didn’t feel better until around 2pm, and gradually had improvement over the next few hours. For some reason I have fewest symptoms between 4-6 pm.  So I decided to split up the dose and take 10 mg that evening, thinking that one large dose wasn’t holding me the whole 24 hours (which is sometimes needed).  So I go to cut the tablet into 1/4–and realized that they are 20 mg tablets, not 40 mg tablets.  The pharmacy gave me a lower dose pill, meaning that I got half the amount I should have taken that morning.

Jason Peck (coloradohomeclick.com)

As a nurse I always verify labels at work with the patient’s armband,  It is a regulation.  But I don’t at home.  And I am so fuzzy right now that it never occurred to me that they would give me a different amount. For my chronic meds, I know what I should be taking, the Dr tells me what he is writing for and I simply take it.

Bad idea, especially when one takes a lot of meds.

But pharmacies should notify you if they are substituting a lower dose.  I was so mad, I accidentally popped in 1 1/2 tablets into my mouth (30 mg) instead of the 1/2 tablet (10 mg) I was going to take.


I suck and my head is screwed up.  I was (literally) jumping up and down FUMING at myself at this point. But then I stopped.  Friday I took 40 mg, Sat AM I took only 20 mg and felt bad most of the day.  Maybe I need 30 mg tonight after all.  Ok, I am going with it.

And YEAH!  I woke up Sunday morning with no vertigo!  A little dizziness…but even with that I was doing the happy dance.  So I took TWO 20 mg tablets Sunday AM and I am taking 20 mg Sun PM.  I will evaluate the difference Monday between the two doses (20-30 Saturday and 40-20 Sunday). I must get this figured out ASAP! This is day 10 and let me tell you, 10 days of suddenly putting life on hold for illness is not something I have ever done, not even for cancer!

Now I have to confess all of this to my rheumatologist.  It’s too confusing, so I am writing him a letter with the pertinent points.  And even with that, he wont finish in the 15 allotted minutes. And charge me his normal 350.00 fee.

Sigh…but I feel better  right now and that is what I am focusing on 🙂

Thank God I live now and not in an earlier century.

Hopefully, I will not have to put this on my Enviro-urn epitaph tree plaque….yet:




6 comments on “Dont do what your Dr says, do what the bottle says

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better!

  2. When I started reading this I recalled Forrest Gump’s line, ‘stupid is as stupid does’.
    Good that you are feeling better.

  3. It’s a pain when a pharmacist gives you alternatives without saying anything but sometimes I suppose they’re harassed too. At least you got the right thing and can now take the right dosage and know it works. I’m so glad you’re on the mend.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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