Darker clouds bring brighter rainbows

I am doomed to idiot mistakes.  I am actually famous for it.  This one will live in infamy at my local supermarket.  But I don’t care, my local supermarket “Price Chopper” is now my hero.

I was loony today.  The stress of the weekend was getting to me.  And anytime I have to visit my psychiatrist, a very nice man with a deep Bahamian accented voice, I get a little nuttier.  Confronting one’s mental illness head on is always tough.  And I hate talking about pain and mental issues with doctors.  Too much baggage there.

On the way back, thankful not to be dragged into some awful inpatient psych ward like my son currently is,  I decided to drop off glass at the local recycling container.  My local grocery store keeps it in their parking lot as a convenience for customers, but it is not their container.  Rushing, I grabbed my keys and the bags, and shook out the glass.  The last one on the bottom was a stubborn little sucker so I gave it a hard shake….and dropped both the bag and my keys in the container.

Yes, I had my keys in my hand while I was shaking my bags over the container.

I am not the sharpest tack in the bunch.  I had a good grip on them and I never thought my hand would release like that.  My concentration though is crap and I should have known it was a huge gamble to do that.  Luckily for me, I heard the glass hit the bottom with no other glass sounds, suggesting that it had just been emptying.  I contemplated the opening.  Way over my head.  I would need a ladder to get in both sides.

Crappola  what a pickle.  And no cell phone.

I was too tired and emotionally drained to cry.  All I felt was a sad plea not to add one more thing to my plate.  My house was in walking distance, but I had an overwhelming schedule for the day.  I decided to ask for help.  I went into Price Chopper and went to the service desk.  I was actually twisting my hands while I explained what had happened and my face must have shown my desperation as the young girl said, “No problem let me come and look.”

She went out with me.  I simply wanted her to call the company, but she was actually looking at dumpster diving.  NO WAY.  Then her eyes lit up.  “I will be right back, I know how to get them, as I can see them when I climb up on the ledge.”

Three minutes she was back with a hanger she had stretched out into a straight line with the hook on the end.  That girl had SKILLZ.  In less than a minute, my keys were in my hand.  She was a short little thing, and I just laid my head on her shoulder and cried.  My guardian angel had not forgotten me.  I told her what her act meant to me and called her manager.  They are going to give her an employee commendation.  And I plan to write her a letter with some money for going way beyond what anyone else would do.

Kindness is a powerful motivator.  Kindness from a stranger is a gift.  And my sore, tired, aching heart needed it today.  So I am glad that my keys dropped in the container at that store.  God wanted me to remember that people are priceless.

Thank you Lord, for the reminder and the gift.



9 comments on “Darker clouds bring brighter rainbows

  1. Lovely story with a great end to it when it could have been far worse. Well done.

  2. when I worked at a grocery there was a strict no-tips policy and union rules… you should probably personally hand her an envelope and tell her not to open it till she gets home

  3. What a blessing. Angels come in all kinds of forms!

    • Yes, I plan to take a thank you card to her when I shop next. LOL, she may not know how to read non-typed words….my son couldn’t read my mom’s letter to him in the hospital. It was in cursive. Amazing.

  4. yes, people are precious. What a wonderful world it would be if over 10% of the population were thoroughly convinced of this!

    • I agree!, but God can work wonders with only one. And if each of us were a power of one, we wouldn’t need even 1% to create a spark that would ignite the world. Yet, I sink in languid dissociation. Why is this? “Too much stimuli”–but perhaps that is really it. Back “in the day” when we didn’t have so much “to do”, when women didn’t hold down four jobs–wife, mom, homemaker and full time employee–there was time to do more, there was a spiritual and emotional and physicial well that was not bleakly empty. But small acts of kindness, well, anyone can do that if we are MINDFUL and remember to offer. It is the lack of mindfulness that kills the moment.

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