Quote: Now

“NOW is the nanosecond between the past and the future;  the moment when the chessboard activates–the one moment when ones’ next move can be played.”

Lori Pinkley

What is now to you?

6 comments on “Quote: Now

  1. Now right now is hanging suspended in mid-air.

  2. Now is…oh crap, I forgot the ____ back at the…. lol

    • One of my quotes came from a comment I wrote to you. Was it this one? Don’t remember, anyway, it was one of my more unusual musings. LOL, I came right to my dashboard and typed it into a quote post. Thank you for your inspiration!

    • LOL. Sounds like me today. Lost my coat and my watch while NOW snuck by me and muddled my mind. 🙂

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