“Going Crazy” in Crazyville

My son was discharged from the psychiatric center.  He says it was a life changing experience for him.  Unfortunately he saw some pretty ugly events, including kids knocking themselves out while beating their heads into a pulp, massive seizures and finding two suicides in action, one of them very bloody.  All this while trying to keep from blowing a gasket from the stress, the sadistic staff and trying to “keep it together” while experiencing withdrawls from multiple substances…..and grieving for his friend.

I am amazed at his resilience.  I don’t think I would walk out of there in one psychologic piece from my observations.  The staff had a mocking attitude and even I wanted to throttle them.  For example, my son had one pair of socks that he wore for three days, so I brought him another pair (clothing is restricted).  The Sock Nazi refused to let him wear the new socks, even though they were the same as the pair he was wearing….because they were too long.  They weren’t long enough to wrap around the neck. Not by a long shot.  And he wore them for three days with staff knowing about them.  My son had to take them off and not wear any socks at all.  To make matters worse, the jerk then made other kids remove their socks when my son complained.

In the meantime he let my son keep an undershirt that was rope thin and long enough to tie and hang oneself.  I should have hung myself in protest, but I would be throwing myself into a padded wall instead of writing this, so  I am glad I resisted the impulse!

He was going to refuse the body wash as well, but I intervened.  I said that sodium chloride was not a chemical that would harm anyone in the form used in the body wash.  Yes, he wasn’t going to let him use it because it had something with “ide” in it, even though the “ide” was salt.

Before you think I championed my son, I did not.  I refused to let him leave before the team felt he was ready to receive drug rehab.  Unfortunately, my insurance company refused to allow for the recommended residential program.  Outpatient is all they will support.  So my son is home, with no schooling, and nothing to do until I can get him into a three-day a week rehab program.  That is proving difficult as no one will call me back.

School has informed me that they are expelling him for a full 180 days.  Which really means that he can’t return before Jan 2015.  A death-blow to his education without serious intervention.  While I understand their position, I am going to petition for his return after drug rehab if the court agrees on probation. After all, Big Brother will be all over him once he is officially entered into the juvenile system.

I am joking that I am going crazy in Crazyville.  Sometimes black humor is a silver lining.

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11 comments on ““Going Crazy” in Crazyville

  1. You are having your own share of life changing events as well. I am pleased your son has survived the psych centre and now the real work of getting him back as a child you love is the next big task As I have no experience of this, i don’t want to sound in any way ignorant of your situation but rather give you my best wishes for the long road ahead. As a mum you are doing all you can, being there for your son. Take care Lori.

  2. Two things: when my son was in his bad, bad times, and I finally had to cash out my retirement funds, run up $37,000 in credit card dept, and finally, mortgage my parents’ house to fund the residential treatment for two years that saved his life, I found out that by NOT identifying him as a Person In Need Of Supervision and developing an IEP for him, the school was legally liable. I did end up settling with them for $40,000 which covered my credit card debt but left me with a second mortgage to pay for the next many years. My points are: sometimes you gotta just cash out your resources in order to get your kid the help he needs, however much it hurts the pocketbook. The other, is that by expelling him instead of doing the legal thing and identifying him as a PNS, the school is probably legally liable depending on your state. Ask your attorney. In my son’s case, if I had taken the school to court I probably would have had the whole expense covered due to additional damages, but I chose to go with a relatively small settlement because I couldn’t afford to wait.

  3. For once, I am at a loss for words- which, i know, is stunning. praying…

    • I hate the moment when my eyes open and I realize that another crappy day has begun. Not a good attitude and I need to change that. Looking for a silver lining today, I took silly pictures of myself in my Dr Seuss dead fish hat for Rarasaur’s contest coming up soon. They made me smile. Simple pleasures Daithi!

      • I understand simple pleasures. I diverted my travels to a diner that served hot bratwurst with onions, peppers, and a tear-inducing horseradish sauce, downing it with an old fashioned ice cold mug of A & W Root Beer. Comfort food on rainy, bleak-looking day outside.

        Have a great evening…and a good night’s rest. Daithi

        • Ahh, the heart attack on a plate. Now why didn’t my wilted kale for lunch provide as much satisfaction as reading, and drooling, over your dinner? I hate all soda except for root beer and ginger ale as a special treat, so I approve your choice! Of course, now I am in a panic trying to think of something for dinner….

  4. Dear, Dear Lori. What an awful time you’ve had. I hope your son is being honest when he says the psych unit was a life changing experience and that he actually meant he’s learned a lesson in what he’s done to himself and to you. I wouldn’t normally disagree with someone else’s comments but this time I’m afraid I can’t agree with Laura. I thin it would be reckless in this day and age to commit so much of your life to getting your son further treatments. Second mortgages and debt aren’t fair on the rest of your family and the pressure of repayment would certainly not be good for you.The Insurance Company should be shamed into providing health car treatment since that’;s what you pay a policy for.If not, then three days outpatients treatment should be OK if you can ever get a response. School of course has an obligation to your son’s education and they need to be reminded of that, preferable with a letter threatening court action if they don’t.
    While loving your son and wanting the best for him, he brought this bout of self destruction on his own head and you don’t just have him to think of. You must think of yourself too and for the sake of the family must make yourself a high priority. I hope things work out now he’s back at home.xx
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  5. Oh my goodness what a nightmare for you as his mom. No matter the past it is a very strong bond between you. I feel for you and I really hope at some stage in the future you can put these times behind you. It is very hard as a mother to accept our children have to do things by themselves. I hope your son gets all the help he needs and can get through all this. And definitely sometimes humor is all that can get you through

  6. Wow, what an experience to go through! I am sorry you both had such a terrible experience. I am glad, however, that he is trying to get help and glad that you are such a great support to him. Also, I am glad you can see a bit of humor in the terribleness.
    Not similar, but I once almost had my knitting needles confiscated at an airport because they might be a weapon.
    You and he are in my prayers.

    • LOL, you know those knitting needles….thanks Trisha, I am sure in your future experiences you will come across lots of crazy. I feel like Im living in a Picasso town. But hopefully he will get help over time.

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