International Label Day

Dead Fish Hat

Yes, this is me with a fish face and a dead fish hat on my head….

International Label Day is defined by the Urban Dictionary as a day where we celebrate the beauty of words that we allow to shape us.  For Rarasaur’s International Labor Day post (HERE), I decided to investigate the words I use to describe myself.
So what are my words? After thinking long and hard, (ok not really but it sounds good) I decided on the following. I would love to hear the words you use to describe yourself!

Christian: my theology has shaped my entire life. Growing up in a half world–belonging to a Fundamentalist church and sent to a Fundamentalist school and living with a liberal-minded dad–I developed a more balanced view of the world and have taken the best of both and let go of the rest. We live in the Age of Grace, not legalism. I am who I am and I let it show. Jesus was the same way. My hero all around.

Quirky: I have a kink in my personality. The kind of person who wears a thong as a hair band when I could not find anything else in college. It was useful and I was in a hurry. End of story, but made people think I was a Character. Yes, I am and proud of it.

Funny: I have an impish sense of humor and my mouth talks a millisecond before my brain realizes what it just said. I say outrageous stuff before I realize it, then deal with the consequences later. My impulse control issue. Once, while discussing a family of 15 who lived in two rooms, someone asked how the parents could have sex in such a restricted environment. I said, without thinking, “Well, in their [Amish] culture you know they don’t scream.” Oh, man. Silent yet hysterical laughter, and I have never lived it down.

Bipolar: I discuss this a lot, hopefully not too much. But this has colored my entire life and my memories. Mood disorders are a prison of the mind and there is no getting away from it without help. In my lowest times, life is a grey veil with no laughter; in my brightest times I am inappropriately funny and silver linings are psychedelic.

Poet: I love poetry and discovered poetry in myself after a cancer diagnosis. Since then I have written close to 200 poems. An amazing outlet for me, one that I sorely need at times!

Survivor: Every day is a challenge for me and at the end I feel like a marathon runner who cramped up and fell in the middle of the race. I have faced and beat cancer and live with an undesirable number of medical conditions that color every minute of every day.  Yet every day I make it to the end and fall exhausted into bed. And in those last moments, when my body finally starts to relax, I realize that I survived another day.

And some days I even win the race.


5 comments on “International Label Day

  1. I’m glad to see I share some of the ways you define yourself..Quirky, Humorous ( I hope), bipolar, long time survivor though who knows for how long.I’d like to be able o add Nice Person to the list but that’s an opinion only others can decide upon.
    Keep winning the race.
    xxx Cwtch xxx

    • Yes we are a pair on each side of the pond, always felt you were a kindred spirit, David! Nice Person would be #1. So nice-quirky-humorous–bipolar–survivor would definitely be a good epitaph.

  2. I am loving the hat! You wear it well fish face lol 🙂 Eejit sums me up perfectly, I’m a one word woman lol

  3. I’m all but the bi-polar….not “hip and trendy enough for that.”

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