Quote: Underwear Woes

You know you are getting fat when……

 all of your underwear have turned into….


Author: ME


11 comments on “Quote: Underwear Woes

  1. Oh dear…sorry to hear…but listen, there seems to be this snowflake effect on your background that is very cute but it made me think I was having a retinal detachment….

    I have never understood thongs. I’ve spent all of my life trying to keep my underwear OUT of my crack…..

    • OMG, HAHAHA! Thongs are better used when worn as hairbands……
      Snowflake, sigh, looks like dandruff but it is meant for a festive air. Yes, I see the detachment concern 🙂 You can turn it on in your dashboard–LOL.

      • Well, ya know, I had this thingie in my eye when I was living in Israel, and I went to the Hadassa Ophthalmology Clinic, which was the first Hadassa clinic in Israel, and its mission was to rid the Arabs of their plague of Chlamydia Trachomatis, which was the #1 cause of blindness in the world. As soon as they could see, they started trying to kill us, and there you go. Anyway, the chief hoo-hah professor there looked in my eyes and told me I have very thin retinas and if I ever start seeing something like sparks falling I should go to the nearest ER! So I saw your sparks and thought, oh shit…then I looked around the room and didn’t see any…then looked back, and oh, OK, it’s just that it’s snowing on her site LOL….I see that you’ve turned it off. It’s OK, don’t stop snowing on my account!

  2. To Laura, they told you if you see specs falling, head to the ER… probably thinking they are being bombed by Iran and there are going to be long lines – better get in one! 🙂

  3. Rather odd I would think, we wear thongs on our feet!!!

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