Going Crazy in Crazyville, Part Deux

This week I went to the first session in Intensive Outpatient Therapy, received our “request” to come to court and met with the superintendent of our school district.  A trifecta of yuck.

The Intensive Outpatient Therapy was 21/2 hours on an uncomfortable chair in a small room sitting next to a very smelly teenager in a filthy coat.  And oh the drama!  One girl sobbed the whole time and locked herself into the bathroom.  No matter that I had to pee.  I suspect her completely selfish, narcissistic self-absorption was driving her problems.  Her parents were sobbing; the whole family was in such crisis it was painful to sit through.  I tentatively asked if they were seeking individual family counseling and mom went on a huge diatribe about how she couldn’t get anyone to see them Right Now.  And I agreed with her; they needed Right Now.

The counselor reviewed the 15 steps of healthy families.  I had 15 No’s when I thought of our relationship to our son.  And 15 yes’s when I thought of our daughter.  Weird, and which went first the chicken or the egg?  Are we screwed up or is he?  Does it matter?



The request to come to court is on the WORST day.  Can  I change the appointment?  Dare I ask?  I may call and see about it as I don’t want to take him out of school and I am in training.  I wonder what will go on.  While I did talk to a lawyer, I don’t think I will bring one with me.  It is just a preliminary fact gathering session.  The facts are simple.

The meeting at the school district was about the Credit Recovery Program.  Jail in school for 180 days.  The student works in silence on his computer and cannot have any food or cell phone or talk to anyone.  And no absences.   But if he progresses with his classes he will get the credits he now is missing.  I agreed to it.  A little discipline never hurt anyone.  My son was ambivalent, but agreed.  He really misses his friends and the social aspect of school and wants to get back ASAP.  ASAP is next October if he goes through June.  The program offers a Liason and classes in substance abuse/counseling, which may be very helpful. I figure after all of this he will be counseled to death and will either be cured or incurable.

I hope all of this is a step forward.  My son has been on lockdown this entire time with almost no friends.  A lonely life.  And I am worried.  Yesterday he begged me for E-cigarettes.  He says he wont be able to stay off drugs without something to help with it.   I feel sorry for him, for being imprisoned by a substance for his well being and happiness.  I wish he could find internal loci and faith to cope.

But isn’t that what many of us wish for our kids?


12 comments on “Going Crazy in Crazyville, Part Deux

  1. Continuing to lift you all up in prayer…

  2. You paint a picture of troubled times for you Lori but hope as well. Hang in there and hopefully he will come out of it a better person. Going to be a rough road for a while, but it is about him taking responsibility for where he is.

  3. There’s something very important in what he said about drugs. I ran into the same thing with my son. Guess what? He is bipolar (noooooo….really?), and he was using any kind of drug he could get his hands on to self-medicate. His shrink (whom I later fired) insisted he needed to be clean before he would medicate him. I kept trying to get him to understand that that would never happen, because the kid felt so bad. After many failures of short-term rehab, I put him in a therapeutic boarding school that really saved his life. I think if he hadn’t gone there, he wouldn’t be alive today.

    • Im pretty sure Garin is the same. The Remeron did help with his depression, but now he has an irritable anger that makes life difficult. we are increasing it to see if we can get him back to that better mood.

  4. You’re really going through it sweetie but I’m glad the school are working with you instead of just going for exclusion. The most help you need is to get him out of the substance abuse and if e-cigarettes will do it then there’s much hope for the future.But if they’re really going to help he needs the will to help himself too.
    I’m wishing for a Great Christmas for you with all my heart.
    XXX Huge Hugs XXX

  5. What a difficult situation for the entire family. I hope and pray that you can get the help needed.

  6. Lori, I am praying for you and your son. It is good that the school has agreed to credit recovery. There are now many different options for computer software that include a credit recovery program, unlike the “old days.”

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