Oh Christmas Free

I  wish that Christmas could be free:

Free to be “unshared” with a glittery tree

Free of the capitalistic piece of pie

Free of a percentage of the GNP


I wish that Christians could be free:

Free to view Christmas with “unglittered” eyes

Free of unhappy, whiny, give me cries

Free to allow pagan traditions to die


I wish that “unchristian” eyes could finally see:

See Jesus’ Shining Light despite Satan’s lies

See the miraculous birth meant to be

See that there are two kinds of trees


I wish from this Season of Giving the following three:

A world where people are healthy without need

A world where freedom is our primary creed

A world wide with hope and harmony


And one last finality: I wish for each of you the following three:

For life dreams to be granted and magnified.

For your heart to be full and free of sighs

For love to reign without greed



6 comments on “Oh Christmas Free

  1. Good job on the post, Lorene. Accurate, balanced, respectful, and passionate. Keep up the great writing. Loved your poem!

  2. I worked really hard on this post. I think I re-did it 20 times or so. I FEEL the fatigue in the air this year. And it is our choice to celebrate with mania. And I know mania- I’m bopolar! I liked how the poem turned out but it was a disjointed mess at first! Thank the Lord the final blog product does not show the hassled flaws, the tearing of hair and the yells of frustration! 🙂

  3. Beautiful work on your poem. I didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas and choose not to now as an adult. Beside the fact everyone assumes I follow along- saying Merry Christmas when I could care less- I’m always struck by how miserable some people truly are during this season and the holidays. No one is forcing us to do anything. It seems to all be pressure and expectations that we’ve placed on ourselves and it makes no one any happier, the way I’ve seen anyway. I’m personally tired of the whole thing. If anyone cared for the actual reason behind what they do anymore, maybe these feelings would change, but I doubt it will get any better. Anyway, I do hope the new year brings you blessings, wellness and an abundance of opportunities. Please take care.

    • Allyson–I had the opposite experience. Christmas was like fairyland in my house. If I wanted something, I had to put it on my christmas list. So I would sometimes wait almost a year to get it. It did teach me patience, I will say that. But on christmas I would get an overwhelming 20-25 gifts. For my mom, watching my brother and I open them was the height of christmas for her. But as an adult, my fairyland disappeared and all I saw was greed, frenzy, consumerism and fatigue. So I am rebelling….except with my parents, who will never understand and would be so hurt if I didnt give it my all. Blech. And I agree, “Merry Christmas” is a byword that is said with as much meaning as “How are you” and other such phrases. My best Christmas was sitting in front of my fireplace all day with my favorite cat in my lap and reading, reading, reading. Ok, there were pee breaks and the like, but it was peace incarnate. Someday I will have another christmas like that…..someday. My best wishes to you as well both now and always. Keep striving, you are a great person and one of my favorite bloggers!

  4. Amen! Sometimes I wish Christmas would just go away. But I’m a grandpa now and I don’t want my grandchildren to only receive gifts from the other grandparents. On the bright side, many people still appreciate hearing the old carols and and a retelling of the nativity story, whether it be by young people carolling, a children’s Christmas program or a chapel service in a hospital.

    • “In the old days” that WAS Christmas, as it should be. And I am in the same boat, Im a bad mom if I don’t get them gifts. This year we pared down to a couple each, telling them that we would re-paint their rooms and do other more productive items then “stuff”. I want to move away from Christmas for us to Christmas for others, a hard sell I am afraid.

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