O Little Town of Bethlehem (A Capella)

Six months after my throat surgery and I am considering re-starting vocal training.  My voice is a bit weak and a little raspy compared to prior to surgery, but I am posting three songs over the next couple of days, two of which I am to sing in church, God help the congregation…and me…LOL

O Little Town of Bethlehem is a lovely tune and this is a decent raw version of it.  I hope, if you love the song, you don’t hate it after you listen if you get the courage up to hit the play button.

Hoping all of you are ready for the festivities. Mine will be a quiet Christmas, as we are holding off for my dad.

14 comments on “O Little Town of Bethlehem (A Capella)

  1. Well I think you are pretty amazing. On the note all the way, very well done and it is a lovely song for Christmas. Good luck in Church.

    • Thank you! I hesitate sometimes to do this to my volunteer audience–LOL–not very fair to use people as free critics, but the click button is your choice if you want to listen. Recordings are very helpful to figure out where one is messing up. I plan to put these on a CD for my mom and dad and kids to remember me by.
      My dad had the most beautiful, breathtaking, sweetest tenor I have ever heard. He could have gone professional if he had the funds to train. And I have nothing of his voice. He lost it from chemo when he had esophageal cancer and lung damage. I MISS hearing him so much…..

  2. What a delicious Christmas treat! So sweet. I can’t wait for more.

    How is your dad doing? Is he still in ICU? Have you decorated his room?

    When I worked on the school age kids’ cancer ward, we always encouraged families to decorate to the max, and even if the child was barely aware of their surroundings I felt it was even more important. It gets through, somehow.

    And I’m with you in spirit (whether you want me or not, bwahaha!), whatever may happen.

    I wish you peace and love and joy, and strength to navigate the waters to come.

    • Dad is the same. Opened his eyes when I talked to him and made faces when some girls came to sing Christmas carols. Pulled out his central line when he tried to sit up once during a trial off the vent. So he is still there. I just hope he isn’t cussing us up one side and down the other for doing this to him.
      Great idea on the decorating! He has so much stuff in his room that I don’t think we thought about it much. But some pictures would be nice. I always love to see the kids as they really are instead of the unrecognizable bodies they become in the bed. I will talk to mom.

  3. WOW! What a beautiful, lilting soprano voice. I loved it. We are always most critical of ourselves. I replied to a comment on a blog post today and realized after I hit the “Post Comment” button that I had made an unspeakable, inexcusable grammatical error in the comment–a subject verb agreement error. Now you might compare that faux pas to hitting a sour note or singing an entire song in the wrong key. I had to write another comment to apologize for the error in the first comment. I detest my own subject-verb agreement errors. As a former English and grammar teacher it is the worst of the worst. I never judge another’s grammar, nor pick at anyone else’s writing, unless, of course, they’re paying me to edit. I can’t wait to listen to your other songs. And why on earth are you taking voice lessons. From what I’ve heard here you should be giving them. I hope you have a nice quiet Christmas and God blesses you and your family as we celebrate the coming of our Messiah and Savior, Emmanuel. God bless. Steve

    • Thanks Steve. I have terrible performance anxiety, and voice lessons help. Plus, I have several bad habits that I need to resolve, one of which is vowels. Mine are not round enough. And I am choppy and need to move from note to note smoother. Internally I need to work a lot on placement, as it feels all wrong in the back of my throat. Another advantage is recital, a chance to apply what one learns in a more formal manner than church. I want to get into a professional choir, and I think lessons will allow me the confidence to do that.

  4. Clear as a bell Sweetie. Much better than I was expecting after the surgery.If they could applaud in Church, they would ! Have a Wonderful-if quiet- Christmas.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    • While I didn’t sing this in church, I did get applause from a 5 year old for my Away in a Manger, which made everyone laugh and clap. My church is very laid back and we do applaud if we want to!

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