O Come Emmanuel (A Capella)

I bought myself a 30 dollar mic last week and have been having a great time with it. I have blown out 4 mic’s so far, no matter their price, so I bought a feedback reducer this time. I was to sing this for church on Sunday last, but a snowstorm changed the plan….people may be thankful for that, LOL. If you like this song, and I do, take a quick listen, and happy Christmas Eve to all!


28 comments on “O Come Emmanuel (A Capella)

  1. Lovely Lori, beautifully sung. It will sound wonderful in church.

    Merry Christmas, as it is Christmas here tomorrow.

    • And you as well! I didn’t sing it! Weather rotton so church was cancelled. But I did sing for Christmas eve (Away in a manger). Read my comment to Laura on it!

  2. Lovely! One of my big faves….reminds me of caroling in the snow in the New England days of my teens. Please don’t tell me you’ve blown out a Shure PG58 or PG57, the workhorse vocal mike standard forever. Even though there are much more expensive and fancier, and perhaps better mikes on the market (and of course if you want a USB mike you have to go with the available options), I have never heard of anyone blowing out a Shure ’58/57 (’58 is omnidirectional, ’57 is unidirectional, although I often get them mixed up!). Technical specs aside, I hope you and your family have a Peaceful, warm, and happy Christmas.

    How is your dad?

    • LOL–no, these were all of very low quality. I often wonder how it would sound with a really good mic and a good sound program. Someday, one can dream. Im definitely the kind that needs the pop protector/feedback reducer.
      Im glad you liked it! I was to sing it for Sunday service but the weather prevented me from going. I did sing last night, terrified as usual but I survived it, and this little kid right after I was through pumped his arm into the air and said “YEAH!” HAHAHA, everyone started laughing and clapping, so I figured if I impressed a 5ish year old then I did pretty well!

  3. Ah, yer special, lass. A talented woman. You should be thankful for a voice like that. When I closed my yes listening to it, I saw that fairy- magical. Anytime you want to sing anything, I’ll listen. All the best- slainte go mhaith…

    • When my kids yell at me to shut up, I may just take you up on it! LOL, I am one shower serenading diva! My shower is pretty cool, has great acustics (tile and stone do wonders for anyone’s voice) so it is very relaxing to turn on the warm water and float on top of some really high notes. Not so much the listeners, who would rather listen to their TV shows. πŸ™‚

      • sounds like you may be the Katherine Jenkins of the water faucet-tile-lined shower stall…

        • LOL. I can make the shower door vibrate. Now is that a talent or what? I used to record songs in there b/c the acoustics are really clean, but I blew out 4 mics doing that! I should have my daughter record me when I get in the singing shower mood so I can hear how irritating I am. I confess that it is probably really really loud! But for some reason shower time seems to be when everyone wants to be in my bathroom/bedroom. And as we have 4 of them (bathrooms, thank God not children), I see no reason for it, so I am really not sorry for them at all.

          • Oh how I envy you the volume. It probably has something to do with years of vocal training, but I think there are people who naturally have better volume/projection than other mere mortals. I’d love to hear you through my old Sennheiser radio mike, but I sold it after I got religious and stopped playing for a while. Now that I’ve become a heretic I wish I had it back because I’m getting ready to think about my second album. I basically suck as a singer, but play a mean banjo! Have you shattered any crystal glasses lately???

            • LOL, I stay well away from my expensive crystalware! I hope you put a song on your blog for us to listen to when you start to play again.

                • I have tried to click on this today and before in your blog and it says it cant be displayed. Not sure why!

                  • Hmm, sounds like I’m making a mistake somewhere. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for letting me know! Here’s what they have for a link to my page; cdbaby.com/cd/laurapschulman I think I left out the .com! Really. How could anyone leave out a .com?

                    • Yes, got it now. Wow, there is so much to banjo that I never realized! So many layers of music!

                    • Yes, that’s what I love about it! Full of overtones, harmonics, resonance, dissonance, sympathetics….hell, you can just drop the dern thing on the floor and it will make a nice sound :-p. Plus it makes a great weapon in a bar fight.

                    • L-O-L. But yes, you have given me a respect for banjo, an instrument I thought was low class and grassroots! Shame on me…

                    • Well, the banjo has always been associated with hicks and louts and people with low hairlines.
                      Q: How do you know when the stage is even?
                      A: When the drool is coming out of BOTH sides of the banjo player’s mouth

                    • AND in the banjo’s early days, around the turn of the 20th century (it was invented by Joseph Smith in 1865, in the Civil War), it was used to play classical “parlour music” by ladies mostly, and ragtime, by men mostly. Hmm. I have an1897 banjo with a skin head, and for several of the recordings on my CD I used that one with gut strings. The inconvenient thing about gut strings is they last about one song, then the “string” goes out of them. My other banjo is a 1920 “modern” one with steel strings. It used to have a skin head but it exploded one night in a thunderstorm (like you blowing out mikes) and I had a gig the following night. It takes up to a week for a new skin head to dry (you have to stretch them wet), so I ran down to Sandy’s music and got a mylar head. It sounded so good, I still have it on. (that all happened in 1975 or so.) My banjo’s name is Rosie. One of these days I’ll take some pictures of her and write a special Rosie post.

                    • You Macguyver you. LOL on the mylar idea. “Rigging” up stuff is my favorite thing to do at work. Great idea for a post, give the history etc. I never knew it was invented in the civil war. I wonder how its’ reputation got to be one of lower class instrument?

                    • That movie, I forgot its name because I have tried to forget the movie too, which characterized mountain people as hicks and uneducated lowlifes. The banjo figured prominently in the movie and gave the banjo a bad name. Grrrr.

                    • Yes I am blank as well but you are correct. The power of the screen to shape our perceptions….

                    • “Deliverance.” And you cannot possibly (or maybe you can…) imagine how many effing times I’ve been on stage and the audience is screaming “Play Deliverance!” BARF!!!! I’d rather play “Foggy Mountain Breakdown,” although (fake sob) I have **forgotten** how to play “Scruggs Style” 3-finger picking. That’s another reason for the “hick” reputation of the banjo–The Grand Ol’ Opry used it as a way to caricature country people. Of course, the Opry is kind of like the Borsht Circuit–creating larger-than-life caricatures in order to entertain and get some larfs from the same people you’re buffooning, and everybody’s in on the joke. I went to the Opry a few years ago and I must tell you that I have never encountered a better entertainment or more uncomfortable seats. My *ss still remembers that part.

                    • πŸ™‚ I attended the hotel for a conference but never got to the entertainment, 16 hours of conference wore me right out. I will skip the uncomfortable seats, thanks for the notice. What got you into banjo BTW or is that in your post?

                    • No but I better write that one PDQ! I’m ashamed I haven’t even thought about that….

                    • LOL, always blame the meds.

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