I survived another year

This blog, my diary, my journal, gives me the opportunity to look over this last year and reflect on my personal and blogging growth.  Let’s go on a little journey shall we?

I predicted that 2013 would be a crappy year in my post 2013:The Year of Unluck.  And while that was partly correct, I also had a triumphant year!  My prediction that a massive coronal event would wipe out our electrical system was nearly correct, but thankfully JUST missed us.  My prediction of a sign or wonder in the sky was partly correct, although poor ISON did not survive the sun to be all it should have been.  I went through a horrible surgery but I can breathe easier and sing better than before.  I have gone through terrible emotional pain from my son’s drug problems, but he is getting help and is in a special school setting now, making up lost credits.  I battled depression and OCD this summer but have come through that stronger and calmer and really am at the best I have been for quite some time.  My job is as crazy as ever but we have hired new staff and I think they will be shining stars for our kids. I look to 2014 with a little trepidation but with gratitude and hope.

We all grieved over the tragedies of this year.  The Boston bombing resonated globally, yet I was disturbed over the presence of The CRAFT’s presence at the Marathon, which I re-blogged from another site.  Many of you were just as disturbed over it, and this post still gets many views.  One wonders about the veracity of what we are told and who is really involved in some of these disasters.

I posted 245 posts.  Wow, that is a lot of time spent thinking and writing and creating!  And some of you have posted 2-3 times as much.  Where do you get the time?

I jotted off many wacky quotes, 32  in all.  And my quote box is not nearly empty.  Get ready for my Age 45 series next year!  My favorite was  “Imperfections are the dimples on the face of life”.

I sang on a crappy microphone, a capella no less.  And most of you didn’t click unfolllow after hearing me.  This was a huge personal leap for me as  I have performance anxiety.  Yet I love to sing!  My favorite by far was: Walking in the Air

My favorite posts were a tie:  a silly one called Close Encounter of the Vac-Alien Kind
and a serious one called The Bus That Flew Over A Ravine

I posted 98 poems this year on this blog.  My favorite poem was All Of Them!  They are my children!  But if you had one that you really liked I would love to hear from you!  But I will highlight a couple that I really felt to my soul: Unsynched Pendulum and Obsession
And one that just plain makes me laugh every time I read it: Ode to the Hair We Wear

I started a poetry blog called FantasiesOfAForlornFairy and have posted 39 poems on it, most of them original to the blog.  I love that blog, it gives me an outlet to be happy or sad or angry or every other emotion under the sun.  Managing two blogs, both of which I post poems, has been quite time consuming, but a great hobby and one that I have treasured this year.

How has your year been?


13 comments on “I survived another year

  1. Great achievements Lori, my year has been great, next year will be even better I hope.

  2. When you look back at all you’ve been through, you did pretty damn good and should be proud of yourself. Here’s hoping 2014 brings better things 🙂 x

    • Thank you, many people on WP are survivors. It is what makes blogland so interesting. Finding people who can rise above it all and make it work for them. Hoping your 2014 is one filled with humor and achievement as well, my friend.

  3. It’s amazing that you produced so much through such hardship. I like to think you came out of the year singing in the shower…in victory. But your post has inspired me too…

    Top 10 Things that did not happen to me this year:
    1. I did not get abducted by an alien race from Chulack (and no, I don’t care how I spell it)
    2. Miley Cyrus did not visit my house in the nude. Not sure if that was bad or good.
    3. I never learned what the fox actually says. I have been in therapy ever since. lol
    4. The doctors did not remove an eight foot intestinal worm from my bowels
    5. I did not marry Elena, Alishka, Alina, or any other the other Gumby-like babes who sent me spam mail from a Russian Mail Order Brides Website
    6. My ex did not return to my neighborhood via a wormhole
    7. I did not wake one morning to discover that Vladimir Putin was the next president of the United States. Dang.
    8. I never met a girl named Katniss, although i did see a wild herb called “catnip.”
    9. I never danced the tango, covered in baby squirrels, with lady gaga
    10. I never had a date this year.

    • HAHAHAHAHA! One of my favorite posts was answering your odd and hilarious questions. You are so very unique.
      1. Abduction is an uncomfortable experience I hear. Although one can blame all sorts of behavior and maladies from the victimization of the Chulack’s. Darn them.
      2. What, no butt-bumping desired from Miley? You lack scope my friend. See your #10
      3. You may have not learned the True Answer but you can dream about it, and that might be better than the real thing. Reality is often depressingly bland.
      4. I am glad to hear that your bowels are virgin. Worm sex is not condoned by God.
      5. Gumby is very….flexible. Re-think that.
      6. Wormholes are not to be trusted, no not one bit. I would avoid them at all costs. Especially if paired with a crazy broad.
      7. Oh thank the Lord for that. His very name is creepy. Sorry, Vladmir conjures up tortured victims and a crazy man eating dinner while they scream in agony.
      8. Katniss…too snakey. I would avoid at all costs. Her bite is probably worse than her hiss.
      9. I wonder if she justs goes to a dictionary and randomly picks nouns to pair up with….after all, how can one otherwise think of such bizarre combinations? Ahh…do you WANT to do the tango covered in squirrels? You sound a little wistful over this my friend. I will tango with you in squirrels if you wish although it sounds most uncomfortable and ticklish. Those fluffy tails you know.
      10. Sigh. Finding someone who Gets You will be difficult. You are a brilliant and complex man, both hilarious and priestly serious, and live in an area superpopulated with Simple Women. But harder still will be finding someone You Like, for complex people like complexity or they grow bored. I would take you on if I met you 20 years ago. Thank the Lord you didn’t know me then b/c I would be the Dreaded Ex [something]–LOL. God has a plan. Bring it on.

  4. My year was devastating with the loss of my wife who, trite as it sounds, really was the love of my life. Partial recovery was made by the birth of my grandson. I’ve still not been able to write again and yet seem to have achieved a little success with my blog where I chart each week’s happenings in my life each Saturday night.
    I’ve made some wonderful virtual friends and fought off the advances of some very determined crooked bankers, horny women ( and maybe men?) and despite offers from most of a certain African Nation have not managed to become a millionaire.
    On the whole, I’m positive about 2014 maybe bringing back the urge to write, creating a book of silly poems for my grandson, and staving off the advances of the sex starved hordes who keep writing to me no matter how desperate I may get.
    xxx Huge Hugs Lori, you’re a Star. xxx

    • And this is why I love you. Despite your horribly crappy year, you still can engage that whimsical sense of humor and make me grin from ear to ear. I love the poem idea.
      I confess that I am the shadowy figure behind the emails….figured you needed something to focus on….ok, not really but I would send you nutty stuff if I could get away with it 🙂 Hugs to you David and Happy New Year!

  5. The highlight of my year was August 4th. Our church (bursting at the seams) merged with another church (in chaos and facing foreclosure by the bank) and we moved into their beautiful church building. Now we are all flourishing and growing in Christ as one body.) I now have a 110-year heritage with my church family. We are called One Heart. (Acts 4:32) And we truly are. Our pastor is absolutely the most loving, caring, genuine authentic follower or Jesus Christ I have ever known.

    The low point in my life occurred on November 10, when our family experienced the tragedy of a homicide in our home. Our daughter’s estranged husband (an ex-con and abuser) shot and killed one of our dear family friends and shot one of her daughters in the neck. The daughter is undergoing rehab, but may be partially paralyzed for life. As U.S. Marshals were closing in on him six days later, he shot and killed himself. My wife and daughter and our two grandchildren are all okay. We are in counseling, but this will take months, maybe even years, to recover. That day will remain a gruesome, lifetime reminder of what hate can do.

    • Surreal to see such a wonderful event above such a horrible event. One never knows what the day will bring. I hope you are moving toward healing with the terrible event that occurred in your home. Almost too horrible to read when I looked at the links in your email.

      • We are healing day by day and we are in counseling. It is slow and many days painful. It changed all of us involved forever. I consider my life now as BP (before the party, and AP (after the party). Seriously.

        • That is a very realistic reaction. I consider my life BC and AC (not Before Christ, before cancer. I was saved at the age of four so BC is not too memorable LOL).

          • Thank you, gimpet. It is strange out traumatic events change our lives so dramatically. I read several blogs by men and women who have experienced rape or child abuse. And, like you and cancer, the shock occurs over an extended period of time. The changes are still dramatic and last a lifetime. My shock was sudden. My trauma lasted only a few hours. But it’s impact will ripple through the months and years, much the same as cancer patients or abuse victims. I’m going to do a series of blog posts on my experience after the first of the year, and do a video show with a blogging friend of mine in Huntsville. She experienced sexual and physical abuse from family members beginning when she was two. The shock trauma produces in our minds, bodies and souls we have in common. Thanks again for your friendship and our chats. I always like to see RepressedExpressions in my inbox and read your comments. God bless. And may 2014 be better than 2013 for us both.

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