Returning Gifts

For the first time in, well, EVER, I did not have to return anything in the mad after-Christmas rush.  Mainly because my dad, the man who hates all gifts except for what he exactly wants, is still sucking on a breathing tube in the ICU.

But I had already determined that this year I will never get him another gift as a surprise.

We are waiting on Christmas with my parents until he comes home.  I am sticking to the plan that he will come home, and the plan that I will not return anything because I got him stuff that were all successful gifts, from past years, and best of all, repeatable.  My mom is easy-going.  If it fits, she keeps it.
My husband and I don’t exchange, mainly because he buys himself whatever he wants all year round so why bother?  And my kids got very little, because my husband buys all year round, so why bother?

Do you read any bitterness between the lines?

Christmas for me as a child was Shang-ri-la.  I started a list the day after Christmas and waited all year, adding to it slowly and thoughtfully.  I WAITED for my stuff and was rewarded with a huge pile on Christmas day.  As a precocious tweenie, I asked for “stuff I needed when I grew up”. I still use a lot of it in my kitchen.  Although I out smarted myself. For while nice pots and pans are fine, more taste-sensitive stuff like dishware and china are NOT. My tween sense of taste and style are a far cry from my adult taste.  And I have to live with china with a light flowery pink and blue border.


So much for me trying to get good stuff for Christmas so I could move out in style.  My kitchen dishware was the same.  Flowers.  Ick.  But good stuff that will last forever. I ended up giving it away and have lived with junk dishware since it departed to a lesser fortunate household.  Bad move on my part.  Earthenware chips and real Corningware lives forever.

Including the flowers


10 comments on “Returning Gifts

  1. Good post Lori, entertaining to say the least, and the reference to your husband very good…..and I suspect TRUE???
    I don’t return anything, I get what I ask for and so that’s good, if I don’t like it I keep it and give it to someone else later on…..

  2. Not fond of Coringwear…I like the more traditional European style china. Of course, we must not forget China itself, which I am told has a very decent China cabinet. lol

  3. I’m a big believer in ‘Just Because’ gifts at anytime throughout the year but couldn’t see that as a reason not to make the most of birthdays and Christmas. Maybe this is a time we can go a little overboard but it sounds like your hubbie barely gets his toes wet. I find that a little sad as you miss the joy on people’s faces that way.
    Have a Wonderful New Year full of Love and Laughter. May your Dad soon be home where he belongs.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

    • Thank you David. I believe in surprises as well. And I have nothing to give them as a surprise because its all given already. My husband hates all the folderol of Christmas, so I think he really does it on purpose. Not a nice statement but a true one from my perspective.
      Thank you, you as well. We are now making agonizing decisions about dad and I don’t think the New Year will be merry for our family. My sister in law is also very ill in the hospital, so my brother cannot come down to be with my mom and I. When it rains it pours.

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