2014, Check

Oh no, another personal resolution post.

I will not regale you with a list of books or movies or plays I want to see or read.  Although if you have any great ones send them my way, I am at low tide for reading material.  I love Jane Austinish stuff.  Yes, romantic soul who likes clever scenes about very little.

I want to be healthier and not look like Rudolph all year round.  That means more energy, less pain, a flesh-colored nose and a happier me.  How to do that?

For one, when I was seriously into the Paleo diet, I naturally lost weight without worrying about calories. It melted off. And I had more energy.

So Paleo diet, check.

And to get energy one needs to expend it.

So exercise again, check.

Paleo diet also helped my inflammation and skin sensitivity issues. I get a red nose now when I eat or drink certain foods.

So no coffee or wine….SOB…..no check, but  I will cut down.

I need to get the redness removed, so a dermatology procedure, check.

I need an outlet.  What can I do?  Not much.  But there is a community choir that is taking new people.  Hmm… I like to sing and a choir would force me to meet new people who like to sing.  And it is for community events and I am a volunteer loving soul.

Join a choir, check. It starts again today, so let’s see if  I actually get the guts to attend it.

What else? (You see I am doing this on the fly, as most resolutions are tossed like yesterday’s salads).

I want to write poems again. I have been on the dry side of late for that.  Is there a place I could go to be with other poetry types?  Go to a poetry reading?  Check out a poetry book and actually learn how to do it instead of flying by my feelings?  Any poetry teachers out there giving advice in this area?

I don’t want drama this year.  Although drama makes for good poetry.  But it is stressful and I want to de-stress.  I want a message or acupuncture or something to help my muscle pain. I have given up on my husband’s muscle jabbing. Maybe try one and see.

Part of drama is bipolar mood swings. Don’t want ’em.  Nor do  I want any more doctor bills. So I guess that means I need to stop taking medicine vacations and do a better job.  Ok, take my meds daily. Check.

I want to go to Kawai in June with my healthier body.  Don’t have one thing planned for it, nor do I (as my Nana used to say) “have a pot to pee in”,  but I want to go there.  We will see if I can wring out some money for it.

I don’t want to see my son go to jail. Will find that out TODAY.  Yikes.  I plan to take him to a counselor until he isn’t a pain in my butt anymore.  LOL, I think.

I want to join a charitable organization and give back a little.  I did a jaunt with one called Love, Inc and they need intake personell.  I would make a good one with my RN background.  They are expanding, so I am on the list for that.

I want to see my dad come home and wave him off to a cruise that they have talked about for 5 years but have been too cheap to do.  Screw the money, go on the trip.  He breathes much better in sea air and that will be my argument.  Of course now he will be too nervous to go.  If he makes it.

Of course I would chuck all of the above to see my dad walk out of the hospital alive.  But that is looking less likely.  We meet with hospice today.  Yes a busy day for me.


9 comments on “2014, Check

  1. There are lots of poetry groups online. When I have a spare moment later I’ll update my links list to make sure it includes all the ones I follow. Sue

  2. Poets giving lessons? I charge $125/hour. For ugly looking women, I charge considerably more…say $350/hour. For anorexic and ugly women, I charge just $10 and give them additional lessons in chocolate mastication techniques, and makeup application techniques I learned from e-how. But for private opinions and intimate poetry writing and reading classes, I ask for a $15 rose or carnation arrangement, complete with a Jane Austinish meoldramatic quote. lol

    • [Choke] You are AWFUL. THANK you for the laugh. You are a beauty snob. Proverbs describes a beautiful woman and nothing is about the outside. So there.
      Ummmm…….What about a cancer survivor with a fake boob and 50 inches of scars? Do you have a “pity” rate? LOL. Hey don’t bash Jane Austin, I luv her and her dialog about nothing. No I really do, she is my favorite. And so are all the movies, I have the BBC and the box office ones. You are gagging at your computer I see. I don’t have the advanced English education that exposed me to the unknown greats that you did, so be kind. I also love the knock offs like Bridget Jones Diary. And you can now stop rolling your eyes. You should do a post on poetry writing, I will send you a flower or e-card of appreciation if you do. Otherwise suffer with my amateur efforts……

  3. You know I’m thinking of you. I hope you achieve everything you want but your dad getting better especially. Good luck.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  4. Some good resolutions Lori, I wish you well though in the coming days.
    Poetry will come from your heart when it has the time to meditate on such matters. It will come back. Even use your current woes as subjects to write on. Writing it all down helps.

    • You are a very wise man. I did write one poem today and it was a relief. Somehow nothing releases the energy that a poem does. OR the grief, I sobbed over it.

      • Good that you can, I do too when some writings touch me. Sometimes words seem not enough to express an emotional outburst, but we are human and we are prone to them. Obviously the words you wrote touch you deeply. You have started.

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