It is well with my soul

One of my favorite songs of my dad’s is the hymn “It is well with my soul”.  A beautiful song written by a man who lost his entire family from an accident.  The ability to write such a song speaks of a peace that passes all understanding.  My mom is at peace with dad’s death. A true Godly Christian woman. I wish you all knew her, her faces shines with the love of Jesus.

They were married for 47 years and loved each other as only two persons’ who have lived in harmony with each other for near half a century.  Mom has nothing but blessings about and benediction to dad on her lips.  She is grateful that he is now finally at peace with our Lord and out of suffering.  I am at peace but oh how much  I shall miss him, and I don’t even know how much until time passes and life smacks me in the face and  I turn to him and he is not there for me.

Dad died 4 hours after getting removed from the ventilator.  At first it was awful.  The doctors held all meds for the first 15 minutes to see if he would rally and we had to listen to a harsh sound like a hand saw slicing wood as he struggled to breathe.  Finally, after what seemed like the longest 15 minutes in the world, he got the medications needed to dry up the rattles and he was able to breathe easier.  He was moved to hospice after it looked like he was very stable; forty minutes later he suddenly took a half gasp and was gone.

Just like that.  Breathing normally then nothing.  So sudden even while so expected.  He went into cardiac arrest from failing oxygenation, for while it looked like he was breathing he had stopped oxygenating.  Mom and I ran over and tried to feel for pulses but  we felt nothing.  We were stunned and clung to his hands and sobbed out our grief and sadness and praise to God that it was such an easy passing.

I dedicate this song to my dad with the hope that in the coming days God will fill my soul with peace and that I can truly say “It is well with my soul”.


12 comments on “It is well with my soul

  1. This is a beautiful gesture to your dad and to yourself, you will find yourself turning to him, or saying something only to remember he is not there in person but his spirit will stay with you as my dad’s did as we came to terms with his death.
    I wish you well. Take care of you.

  2. I so grieve with you, mom, and the rest of the family. Prayers for God’s comfort and presence in the coming days and weeks.

  3. Precious memories,
    Unseen angels,
    Sent from somewhere to my soul,
    How they linger,
    Ever near me,
    And the sacred scenes unfold.

    Precious memories,
    How they linger,
    How they ever flood my soul
    In the stillness
    Of the midnight
    Precious memories flood my soul

    –by Rosa Lee Watson

    My heart is with you and your family……((hugs))

  4. Lori that was beautiful. I can tell you really put your heart into it.

  5. Beautiful.
    You and your family, especially your Mom are in my prayers as you cope with your loss.

    • Thank you Trisha. Trials are blessings, for my mom has been able to talk about her faith to countless people because of dad’s illness. And he suffered so terribly from severe pulmonary fibrosis as a complication of the radiation he received from his cncer treatment 8 years ago. Sadly, he was cured of esophageal cancer only to die from complications related to the cure.

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