Dont get a Nursing Degree, Honey

I’m going to work from home today to take care of you.
Oh, you shouldn’t. You didn’t get your flu shot and you haven’t been in the office in two weeks.
Im taking loads of stuff so I don’t get it, so don’t worry ok? After you have coughed all over me for two days now I am sure I wont get sick.
A guy with asthma testing prevention by getting into the ring with the flu? That’s like having sex with a hole in your condom. I already lost dad from pneumonia, must we chance it?
Hubby: [sigh] Do you need anything?
Me: No
Hubby: Call me on my cell
If he had a Bat cape it would have swished


Hubby: Yeeessss…..
Me: Can I have some hot tea?
Hubby: Not now, but I can get some after a bit….


Hubby: YES
Me: Can I have some chicken broth? Im hungry. Maybe with my tea? [cough, cough, cough, gag]
Hubby: Oh, yeah. Um, soon…..


Hubby: WHAT
Me: Can I have a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner?
Hubby: What, now? You had soup! I can’t right now.
Me: [small voice] sorry


J: Hello Mama
Me: would you make me a grilled cheese sandwich? I’m so hungry….
J: Sure mama. Do you want a drink?
Me: [sob] OK
J: Right there!

And that slightly cold, mildly undercooked grilled cheese was the best I ever had!


12 comments on “Dont get a Nursing Degree, Honey

  1. Awwww, I’m sorry you got the nasty viral badness! I had it last week, asthma keeping me up all night. Did you get your flu shot? That’s very sweet about the grilled cheese sandwich…

    • The shot sucks this year. Not sure about the stats on the mist though.

      • The shot DOES suck. They missed the mark pretty badly. But, having had the attenuated version (after the shot), I am very glad I didn’t get the “full Monty” verson. I still have a headache. Maybe it’s all the whisky I’m drinking to get rid of the cough. Ugh.

        • This influenza A is vicious this year. Even with the shot I am sick as a dog. I went from fine to sucking on albuterol in 6 hours flat and I don’t have asthma. LOL you got protected twice, hey not a bad thought actually. Wish I could take the mist, cant due to the transplant kids.

  2. grilled cheese sandwiches make you happy? does your hubby understand this?

    uh….you did tell him “no” when you clearly meant something between a vague “maybe later” and “yes.” Guys don’t do well with interpretations of “no.” Usually, we assume that “no” is actually “no.” Unless it is used in THE VOICE (not unlike THE LOOK in effect)…as long as it is not overused. I suppose I will now shut up. Yes. I guess I will.

    • LOL. Computer games always supercede requests from the wife. I should have set a timer for him. He forgot to check on me, hence the degeneration to phone calls. It was actually pretty funny overall, except for the sandwich. I was HUNGRY after not having eaten for over 24 hours. And shutting up just makes for repressed feelings. So don’t do it with women. Even if it means a fight. Find someone with a good sense of humor. Generally our fights end up with wisecracking jokes. Its what has kept us in the marriage for so long, I think, cause we have certainly had enough stress to break it up.

      • and here i was thinking he went to work…computer games- ugh!

        • No he was working part of the time. At home he is fortunate enough to be able to play his online game during work down time, and when he gets into a dungeon it is all in real time so he cant stop until done or he loses it all. I was just hoping that he would refrain that day so he could be more available. Hence the (LOL) phone calling!

  3. You poor thing, I’m sorry you’re not feeling so hot. Grilled cheese sandwiches made by somebody else are always better. Always!

  4. It’s always said that Doctors and Nurses make the worst patients. I think when hubby said he was going to work from home, he meant work and just pop in on you occasionally rather than be on call. Our understanding of what you need and your understanding of what you want don’t quite tally.We work better to a timetable.
    I hope by now you’re well on the road to recovery and haven’t shared it with him.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • Of course I have! And shared how the three days of kitchen pile up is making me want to put HIM in the dishwasher…..I wouldn’t mind if he wasn’t upstairs playing computer games, but that is what he was doing. Grrrr……
      But you are right. If he would have popped in I would have waited patiently. I was shaking so hard from fever I could hardly get up to go to the loo, so getting anything to eat or drink was too difficult. I should have set a timer for him. Note to self.

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