Gettin “Da Floo”

I have all the classic signs of da floo.  And boy did it hit me fast and hard.  One minute I was working at my desk and then *cough*–*cough cough*.  Within 30 minutes, and that is not an exaggeration, my eyes were burning and I was coughing with a wet undertone. Within 5 hours I ached all over, had a horrible headache and coughed so much that I needed a nebulizer to breathe, and I don’t have asthma! (Thank God my hubby and children all do, so I got a free ride on theirs!) I seriously thought I needed urgent care.

Then My Husband brought out all His Stuff.  He is an alternative medicine guy, but after the results I have had with it all I am beginning to think that I shouldn’t make fun of him anymore.  Within 4 hours of taking the Elderberry Samboco extract (see post HERE), lysozomal vitamin C, zinc, and oregano oil, my breathing stopped being wet and raspy and my cough went to sporadic.

They are all horrible.  The Samboco extract needs to be diluted as it is so sour and strong my taste buds feel razed.  The zinc and oregano oil are huge pills and I don’t do big pills well. The lysosomal vitamin C is like drinking down a wet lugger.  It is vitamin C wrapped in a phospholipid (fat) in a liquid form.  Wow, talk about disgusting.  But after the results I am manfully swigging and gulping with nary a grump.

Today I have fever and horrible aches but my cough is almost gone.  A cough almost gone after less than 24 hours? Impossible!  Web MD says that the Elderberry extract can cut flu symptoms to as little as 2 days. I am hoping that my case is the two day variety.

I have chilled for the last 24 hours, and am nicely dressed in what I term The Sack.  The Sack has holes for hands and feet and one walks around like a drunken Oompa Loompa in it.  But it does wonders to keep the chills in control.  Except when  I have to strip to go to the bathroom.  I wish I could video me trying to get out of it and shaking like a leaf while doing my business.  The image I am sure will be burned into your brain.  My family have been wonderful, waiting on me and getting me whatever I need.  Wish I could capitalize a little on this….anyone up for cleaning the house?  NO?



16 comments on “Gettin “Da Floo”

  1. Aww, I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Sorry to hear you are unwell Lori. I’d be round to clean up your house but I am out of town at the moment. Take care, take your medicine get better.

    • It could really use it. NO one has done any dishes, I found out today as I tottered out to the kitchen in desperate seach for some Darjeeling tea. Piles everywhere. I am too under the weather to go postal. I just gave THE LOOK to Brent and he assured me that he would take care of it. Although I feel bad as they have been making me meals and getting me drinks and medicine and stuff. So I wont gripe at them too hard. Hope meeting your blogging friend lives up to expectation!

  3. Ach, you poor sweetie. As if you don’t have enough to put up with. Couldn’t you have been innoculated against it in view of your job?
    This is my best year so far for not having bronchiits for ages though I’d better not speak too soon as the last couple of years it’s waited until after Christmas to strike when I’m unwary. I had a minor bout before Christmas that crappy anti-biotics managed to shift. I’m hoping that’s it.
    I hope you’re back on your feet soon.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    • I WAS! The darn shot isn’t working too well this year. It is always a “shot” in the dark for the makers of the flu as to what to put into it as they need the product completed before the season hits. I think I am really run down, I am losing hair and look really pale all the time. As you know, losing a loved one is terribly stressful.
      I am glad that you are healthy this year, maybe the BI will not get the flu too hard. “Knock on wood” Hugs!

  4. Yikes I hope you feel better soon sending you positive vibes and lots of hugs

  5. I am praying for you to be flu-free by Friday.

    BTW What is up with these flu shots this year? I heard one girl contracted narcolepsy over it. I had one once that made me sick for two days. And now, EVERYONE needs to get these vaccines and shots before admittance to…(withheld to be politically correct as I am certainly being watched)… so it is like herding sheep with an old plastic salad shooter-a weird way to try to solve a problem. I mean, think about it- you go and get the flu put in your body to attack the flu….

    • I hate WP…I wrote a long response and it got wiped. That is the second comment to you today that was long and got wiped. As I am wiped out, I am taking it with little grace!
      Flu SHOT is engineered, NOT the actual flu. Flu MIST is a live virus “attenuated” to provide immunity without disease. I MUST get the shot or not have a job. I WANT to get the mist, it is much more effective.
      The problem with the flu industry is the cart must be made without measuring the horse. It’s like gamboling at a horse race. No one knows what strain will rise up come winter. But it takes time to make a shot and two weeks to mount a response, so guesswork is the order of the day.
      Hospital workers are required to get the flu shot for “herd immunity” IE: provide enough people immune to the disease so the disease will not “take” in an area. This protects the vulnerable: infants, elderly and immunosuppressed populations.
      Immunization is POTENT immunotherapy and has a lot of other ingredients that may cause the body harm, like any other drug. It should never be taken lightly. But it has saved millions of lives according to the experts.
      Until recently, immunizations had heavy metals in them for preservative. This is getting phased out. Some “rogue” scientists think the thermiosol/mercury additives are contributing to certain forms of autism (non-genetic type). I have little to say other than I am happy they are going away.
      Since the first vaccine in the 1850’s, known but rare neurologic problems have been reported. Narcolepsy was a big problem recently in Europe following a vaccination (we don’t have the shot here) but should be very rare normally. That being said, adverse events happen and people should be mindful of symptoms when they get a shot and tell their dr’s if they are having a problem that they did get a vaccination. You probably wont get a great response, but at least it will be in your chart that you reported it. I myself had a month of vertigo 24 hours after I got the flu shot this year. I think it was the shot but I was poo-poohed over it. I got better. But I got the flu too. Just my luck. LOL

      • unfortunately, before reading this response, i wrote a satirical piece about leeching as a form of healthcare. i may have gathered too much cynicism from too many corners of people protecting too much.

        • Evil abounds in every field. I would say that pharmaceutical companies are about the worst there are. But they are set up to be that way I think. Drs need treatments to cure or help the ailing. Pharmaceuticals are their cornerstone, and pharms hold the cards on what gets created or researched. And don’t get me started on that. There is good research from other countries on great natural anti-cancer and antibiotics but the US pharms will not even glance at it as they cannot make money on any patent. Research is a mixed bag as well and one must be careful to correctly interpret it, some is just hogwash or skewed.
          Where did Truth go? It seems that Truth was present in greater quantities before the advent of easy notoriety from TV and internet. I think Truth and the easy availability of information can quickly become opposites. Ok, that is another subject entirely. But a great post–run with it!

  6. …but then again, I hear “leechings” (applying leeches for the health of it) are making a big comeback, so maybe our healthcare will enter a new age of progress…

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