Nyquil Quote

Nyquil: the best stuff on earth for drunk-driven-drugged-dementia!

Me with the flu Jan 2014

LOL my husband took this of me with 2 days of uncombed hair and in My Zone……Fairy Zombies are alive and well. I should enter this into a Death Warmed Over contest!

6 comments on “Nyquil Quote

  1. You don’t look like that normally??
    The flu you is not a good look Lori, I hope you are feeling better as you read this.

    • LOL, it really isn’t–but it is a hilarious picture and I can never resist FUNNY. Now to figure out how to comb out my hair. My head has hurt to much to put a comb through it!

  2. You do look like the next load of ectoplasm is on the way. lol, A little warning might have been nice Lori.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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