Get out of Jail Card

My son had his court evaluation the day before my dad died, and in all the ruckus I realized that I never blogged the good outcome!

We went to the meeting with no expectations. I prayed that whatever the outcome I would accept it and rejoice that it wasn’t worse.  We met with the county probation officer to decide if the case needed to go to court for a ruling or if it could be dealt with in another manner.  The officer was a woman who looked kind and indeed she was a very kind soul.  She looked at his file and the charge and asked to see my husband and I privately.

Prior to going I was told by Brent, in no uncertain terms, to just tell the facts and not air out all of our issues with our son.  So when she said she wanted all the history I turned to my husband and said, “Well, go ahead and tell her.”  He was silent for a moment and I felt prompted to just tell her everything.  And I did.  And oh the relief to get it all off my chest and tell it to someone who would understand the situation and all we have tried to do for him!

She was very sympathetic as I poured out the details.  After consideration she agreed to 6 months of probation with her and drug testing with the knowledge that if he misbehaved she would have to recommend court.  My son was informed of his rights and the consequences and agreed to the probation.

He had to take an immediate drug test and he looked nervous over it.  I certainly hope that after all of this he still isn’t doing drugs.  We will see from the levels when it is resulted.

Surprisingly, not one word was said to me by my husband about my telling the whole story!

Truth should never be swept under the carpet.

7 comments on “Get out of Jail Card

  1. If you know the truth, it will set your free…in more ways than one.

  2. A little glimmer of hope in amongst all the recent sadness. I hope the results come back clean and that he goes from strength to strength now.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    • The little blighter is NOT clean and I am ready to sweep the carpet with his face…..he is a DUMBASS, and that is mean to say but sometimes the truth hurts. Here he is getting a huge break from police only to spit in their faces. I meet this Friday with them, we will see!

  3. So sorry he was not clean. I know you love him very much and that this has been a huge struggle for him and you.
    But, so glad that you got to tell the truth and open up and that they are at least trying to give him an opportunity. I just said a prayer for the meeting and for your week to come. I hope they deal with both him and you and your husband respectfully and with his best interest, as well as the best legal judgement they can.

  4. I am so sorry with your grief and all you have been through that you have discovered he is not clean, but it is better to know. I hope with all this intervention and supervision that maybe it might help. I send you my very best wishes, all this is so very worrying for any parent.

    • I was and am surprised and disappointed. He lies to me all the time and makes promises that he just cant or wont keep. I think he will only respect a tougher approach, but I don’t know when the tougher approach will be the only approach left open to us.

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