A Fantastic Birthday Present

I had a boring birthday.  It snowed 10 inches.  I was off work because I took a vacation day.  My unit was closed for the winter storm and everyone got paid to be off.  Except me.  Since I had already taken a vacation day I had to use it.  Sucks to be me.

I got to shovel most of the day.  The family helped but mainly because I paid them to be helpful.  Work does not equal birthday present for mom.

But I did get some good stuff.  Mom made me my favorite dinner.  Meatloaf and her fabulous mac and cheese.  Not very healthy but birthdays are for remembering the good stuff in life.

The best present of all was my sleep study I just completed last week. The results are in: I no longer have sleep apnea!  My horrible surgery  HERE and HERE worked!  Yeah!  I have been CPAP  free for a week now and I just don’t have the words to describe how wonderful it is not to suck air through a mask that leaves horrible marks on my face every morning.  Plus the discomfort and hassle in general of the thing.

Yeah Im free, Im free!

Thank you God…….

16 comments on “A Fantastic Birthday Present

  1. That’s great news Lori, so happy for you…

  2. Hooray for being CPAP free! I have always thought they seemed very cumbersome, although worth it if you really need it.
    Also, happy belated birthday!

    • Thank you! CPAP is a real pain to wear, not just the mask hurting my face but the forced air has some real issues with sinus’. And having to lug it wherever I sleep was a huge pain as well. I stil am in shock that I don’t need it, but happy shock!

  3. That’s great news indeed! Congrats and Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday! And no more sleep apnea! Congratulations! There had better have been candles on that meatloaf! 🙂

  5. I started wishing you could have had a nicer birthday than shoveling snow and paying the family to help. I finished delighted that you no longer have sleep apnoea. ( sorry, we spell it differently) lol.
    xxx Sending Huge Hugs xxx

  6. happy belated birthday..from the man in the snowdrift…

    • Meee tooo. I was stuck with an enormous snowdrift over my road for two days until the plower people finally saved me from having to go out and try and remove it by hand. Not being able to get out is a whole lot different than not wanting to get out. Pretty anxiety provoking. I couldn’t go to work and I was needed. One would think I was at least productive here? Oh no. I dug out 4 times and was so sore I just sat in my leather recliner and played on wordpress. LOL, thank God for WP or I would be posting wacky stuff on FB, that evil empire.

  7. Praise God for your healing! Now, for the rest of the healing…

    • Honestly the next thing I need cured is my fingers. I lost blood flow to them in any cool weather and I am terrified to go out in the cold now. They turn blue and white in the heater car and in the house. There is a medication I can start but it jacks with blood pressure so I am not excited over it. But I shall enjoy my CPAP freedom and not complain about my next unwanted ailment!

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