The Pile to File


I have an embarrassing pile.

That pile is as tall as a mile!

(Yes I can embellish with stile….)

I must turn that Procrastinating Dial

and put a dent in that Pile to File!

For that Pile will take a good long while!

Hundreds of papers finances to compile;

Looking at it turns my skin color to bile

for filing is a true patience trial.

I hire for a hug and a smile?

≈ ♥ ≈ ♥ ≈

Sigh.  I hate filing bills and financial papers.  So I put them in a pile after I do the hated bills, figuring that one cant do too many hated chores in a short space of time without becoming a sourpuss.  But somehow I just keep putting them in a pile and never finding time to just FILE.  Now my pile to file is a monster mile.  Or so it seems.  Every week I put “FILE” on my to do list.  And every week it is uncrossed, leaving me frustrated for time and motivation.  I hide this embarrassment in my office, but now it has over taken the top of my desk and chair and part of the floor.  How did I get in this mess?  I HATE to file!  I am happy not to be an Administrative Assistant, although I do need to file stuff for work, but at least someone pays me to keep on top of staff education files.  Does anyone else struggle with this?  One year I didn’t file the WHOLE YEAR and it took three days straight to file it all.  My non-filing offends my OCD-ness.  And as tax time draws near, my pile is worrying me into nail biting nuttery.


19 comments on “The Pile to File

  1. Filing..yes I do understand, wonder if you’ll get any takers at those pay rates. Good luck.

  2. Filing, ugh. I have piles of paper on every available surface. It’s so depressing that when I start going through the damn things, I have to make a cup of tea and sit down and read my emails or some other escapist activity. There’s even a Hebrew word for “piles of papers”–“Neeyeret.” The word for paper is “neeyar,” so a pile of them is a “neereret. Oh well. Good luck with yours!

  3. When the pile becomes taller than a bottle of wine….you need…. a taller bottle of wine…..

  4. thank you for giving me a hearty laugh. i look around my place and what do i see…piles of files! one wonders where they come from, how they reproduce, and why they are necessary to keep so many years…now where did i put those tax forms? 🙂

    • Yes, I hate piles of anything. It mucks up my visual space. My husband pile months, literally months, of clean clothes on our tub. The darn closet is three feet away but he just cant get them through the door. So I have multiple piles in my house. Drives me loony! I at least am better with those tax forms, that actually has a file all neat and ready. I know my priorities!

  5. #YayBananas – I’m not the only one.. lol

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