Turning 45 #4

I know I have turned 45 when….my teeth are a shade yellower than my gold earings.


16 comments on “Turning 45 #4

  1. now you can coordinate them with your outfits…. lol

    • Hey at least I HAVE all my teeth and they are reasonably straight. Coordinate? Dingy yellow is not on my list of colors I wear! They do not look good with lipstick of any color. Nope, its to the bleach strips for me! I HATE dingy teeth.

      • seriously….brushing with baking soda seems to help me- it does whiten them some, often better than even natural toothpaste, which i also use. i am impressed that you have all of your teeth and they are reasonably straight; you are a bit of a catch in my book anyway, being that you have a wonderful sense of humor, faith, and a simply gorgeous gravatar…besides the pretty teeth…and you have your own vacuum cleaner (lol)…

        • Wish I really looked like her, she is such a hottie! That was in my distant past, sigh. I actually looked like that when I was….three! LOL
          I have TWO vacuum cleaners and a wet vac! And no grey in my hair! And a really good job that pays the bills! Now what do you think of that? Am I a catch or what?
          Just wait until my next 45 quote comes out! And my Ode to the Middle Age Size of my Thighs….

          • i am waiting with trembling hands…for the appearance of Ode To My Middle Age Size of My Thighs….how sexy is it to have two vacuum cleaners and a wet vac? it is almost as sexy as smelling a freshly bathed woman dripping water on the floor of the bathroom…but not quite…well, not really at all…honestly, slightly sexy…if it has multiple speeds, a dust cup, and purrs when plugged in…

            • You will have to wait for a while as it is in the queue for APRIL. But it is pretty funny in a gross kind of way. You will turn tail and RUN AWAY after reading–LOL! If you cant wait that long and will dream endlessly of middle aged women’s thighs until you see it, then I can send it for a preview.
              A clean floor is definitely a turn on, thank you for realizing that. Appreciating vacuums is very sexy for women like me. You are part of the way to perfection. My main vacuum cleaner is MY BABY and I get fussy if it is mishandled by the menagerie I live with.
              Check out my post on the side of my blog called Close Encounters of the VAC-alien kind. It is very entertaining. And very me.

            • BTW, off topic, another blogger and I were talking about you in one of my post comments just now. Talk about a hot gravatar, she smokes them all…. 🙂

  2. Ha! That gave me a good laugh 🙂 I also like “thelostkerryman’s” comment!

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