My favorite…..

I have few favorites.  Does that mean that I am picky?  I’m not sure, perhaps it just means that stuff doesn’t strike me easily. But I do have items that top my list of “stuff” and  here are a few of my favorites:

Favorite season:  fall.  I am a “fall” for color and I love all the beautiful crisp clear days and colorful trees.  But it is way too short a season in Missouri.  A few short weeks and it turns drab and dull.  But for those weeks I am energetic and full of excitement.

Favorite color:  copper.  Weird huh? But I love the shine, the gloss, the goldy-reddish brown of it.  My kitchen is painted sienna red and copper and whenever I see a copper shirt I just can’t resist.  I tried to get a copper-colored car, but Subaru stopped making copper cars for my 2012 Impreza that I had made to order.  Sad, it was such a beautiful color.  They are getting out of the “niche color” market, so they say.

Favorite food:  Crème Brulee!  My taste buds were badly injured by chemotherapy and surgery, so I don’t taste carbohydrates well.  But I do taste vanilla, crème and sugar.  My favorite crème brulee is from Classic Cup on the Plaza in Kansas City.  It is port wine crème brulee and it is “to die for”.  I don’t get to eat it often, but when I do I eat it with my eyes shut mindfully savoring every bite and moaning in ecstasy.

Favorite jewel:  I love sapphires of all colors, especially orange ones!

Favorite animal: Unicorn. I believe they are an extinct species.  Who cares if they haven’t been found yet. I believe……

Favorite cartoon: Calvin and Hobbes followed by Bloom County. I am aging myself here!  Thanks to a friend for introducing me to Heavenly Nostrils.  A cartoon with a unicorn can be nothing but a wild ride!

Favorite country: England, but if I could live anywhere it would be Ireland in a traditional cottage.  The green of Ireland calls to me, my ancestors are mostly Irish and I loved the short sojourn I had as a college student.

Favorite movie: Ok there are too many and I am not a good movie critic. I DONT like horror films and romantic comedies are high on my list.  As a child it was The Last Unicorn.  I suppose that Bridget Jones Diary is my favorite romantic comedy and  Lord of the Rings trilogy is one of my favorite series.  The BBC’s Jane Austin’s Persuasion is probably my all time favorite movie, which I watch whenever I am depressed or ill.  It is so beautifully filmed and such a quiet, introspective film that I feel calm and relaxed after I watch it.  And, I am embarrassed to say, my favorite all around wrong movie is The Hangover! It makes me collapse in a fit of the giggles.

Favorite TV show: “Face Off” and BBC’s “Sherlock Holmes” partly because……

Favorite actor: Benedict Cumberbatch.  Who couldn’t love that voice, that talent, those blue eyes.  And that name!  He gave me the shivers as “Smaug, the DRAGON” in The Hobbit and I love his Sherlock Holmes interpretation.

Favorite non religious book:   Probably my favorite all time book is Pride and Prejudice or Little Women, although that isn’t very interesting of me.  Favorite series is Harry Potter, followed by the antics of Stephanie Plum novels.  As a child– Little Woman, The Little Colonel series and Charlotte’s Web.  I read each at least 30 times. I read until I was banned from them by my mom.    As a teen I was obsessed with fantasy and I devoured anything by David Eddings and Piers Anthony.  I don’t have much time to read anymore, other than blogs  🙂

Favorite song: Walking in the Air

Favorite thought? I have been cancer free for three years. I am now out of the high risk category and can say I beat grade 9 triple negative breast cancer.  Yea me!

Favorite blog?  I am not the groupie type.  But middle age has surprised me in many ways.  One of which is…I am a blog groupie to Memoirs Of A Dragon and his photo blog Eyes Of A Dragon.  I proudly belong to the GAS society (Greg Admiration Society) and I promote him wherever I can.  His poems are a dream and his photos alive with beauty.  He showed me different poetry forms and I tried them with his encouragement.  Greg is Canadian, hails from Victoria, BC and is very shy but if you ever get the privilege to know him a little you will find him to be a  HUMBLE, sweet, kind, quirky, whimsical person with a quiet sense of humor that sneaks up on me when I least expect it.  He is too shy to give an interview, although I hope someday he will….to me, his #1 fan!  He loves all things dragons, so anyone who loves AMAZING poetry and dragons, go check him out!  If you want to join the Greg Admiration Society (GAS) drop me a comment and  I will add you to the admirer list!  And then send it to him to prove how much he is admired!  Disclaimer: Greg did NOT pay me any favors…or any kind….. for this free advertisement of his site…or his character! 🙂

What are YOUR favorites?


26 comments on “My favorite…..

  1. I just wanted to say congratulations on your three years. I think it’s wonderful. I loved your post about my favorite things, it reminded me of the holiday song. It is very true that we must to take every moment and appreciate it, even the simple little things. I hope you have a wonderful and happy long life filled with many different Joys. Please check out my website The Art of Monteque at work will at WordPress.com, you’ll find some interesting things there.

  2. There I go blushing again! Thanks Lori! 🙂 And the best, and I mean THE BEST Crème Brulee I have ever had was at Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. in Canmore, Alberta last year!

    • You are welcome and you so deserve the accolades! As to your attempt to one up me on the crème brulee, I bet it didn’t have port wine in it! I win! Although you can send me a sample so I can vote and I will graciously give you my opinion 🙂

  3. Well, we were doing OK right up to favourite Country…England. What a let down, I was expecting, hoping for, crawling on the floor for ..Wales at least. Humbug. I can relate to your favourite thought and share it, I’m so glad you’re out of the high risk group too.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • Susan Cooper was one of my favorite authors growing up and her fantasy series incorporated Welsh legend and tradition in her stories as well as many Welsh places. I did visit Wales but I was quite nervous as the words were all so hard! The longest word for a town was just unpronounceable! I decided I wasn’t smart enough to live there. Otherwise it is a fascinating place to visit, one can FEEL the dragons lurking in the mist…..

  4. Favorite season: garlic powder. favorite color: Kerrygold. Favorite food: butter. Favorite Jewel: Jewel Jones. Favorite animal: lamb stew. Favorite Cartoon: Jay Leno Favorite Country: just east of Tir Na N’Og- Ireland. Favorite Movie: Waking Ned Devine. Favorite TV Show: (Tie) Father Ted, Doctor Who. Favorite non-religious book: The Bible. Favorite Song: The Ballad of Blasphemous Bill. Favorite thought: “I breathe, therefore, I stand.” Favorite Blog: The Adventures of Mr and Mrs Boring.

    • LOL on the favorite blog. This list is as quirky as you are. I cant truthfully say I know much about any of this. LIKE the favorite book. Dr Who? Really? Didn’t expect that. And butter? Like the Kerrygold, goes well with copper! You and I can be neighbors someday and we will chase rainbows…..HAHAHA on the favorite season, you are a strange man. I prefer REAL garlic to the fake stuff. I am He-woman!

      • yes, my comment was intended as pithy humor. being an intellectual is serious business, you know, and one has to work at such humor. sorry but Jay Leno does look cartoonish. I grew up on BBC shows- Dr Who, Fawlty Towers, Monty Python, etc…at least the English gave us something that wasn’t painful…and with that, I must say, thank you for calling me a “strange man.” somewhere i am not.

        • I was an Anglophile growing up. Fell in love with England when I visited as a wide eyed 9 year old. Loved the history, the romance, the art and literature. I love Monty Python humor and English humor in general. I didn’t mention A Fish Called Wanda, but that type of humor is really my favorite kind and I was in love with John Cleese in his younger days :)I lived for a semester in England in college; the best time of my life. Boy I mention love a lot in this comment-lol

          • as one spokesman for the Gaels, we will forgive your indulgence in Anglomania. Many have fallen prey to sweet accents, BBC telly, and spotted dick (God help us they need to change that) or treacle. Some of us also grew up learning how to be funny from men like John Cleese, in the best traditions of humor. Other of us also have found even better humor in Ardal O’hanlon, or the great Tommy Tiernan. To be sure, you are forgiven any tresspass upon irish hearts…but then again, I only speak for my cousins and I. 🙂

      • PS Kerrygold is Irish butter, not a color. Irish humor there.

    • I love that you put The Bible under favorite non-religious book. It is all about relationship, not religion 🙂

  5. Great idea 🙂

    Favourite season: Here in the NT, Australia – we have 2 season – the Wet and the Dry. I prefer the Dry for the 5 months it is around, then in the 6th month of the Dry I start to Favor the Wet and VV.. lol

    Favourite color: Aqua Marine – many varietys. but more green than bluish in the combination *S*

    Favourite food: French Fries dipped in a chocolate Sundae nomnomnomnoms

    Favourite jewel: Emeralds or anything that is aquamarine or a beautiful red stone 🙂

    Favourite animal: ALF – Lol does this count?

    Favourite cartoon: Heavenly Nostrils (never heard of it) – Love the Simpsons (TV Cartoon) Written – Garfield and a local artist called Wicking.

    Favourite country: Australia though England and Ireland in a gorgeous cottage or massive castle would be a close second.. lol (Insert visions dreamed up while reading Johanna Lindsey Historical Romance Novels)

    Favourite movie: Previously Anne of Green Gables, though

    Favourite TV show: Greys Anatomy, Scandal, 24 and Breaking Bad in that order.

    Favourite actor: Al Pacino, Robert Deniro

    Favourite non religious book: Loved David Eddings!! – Really like anything self development now, though….. The Magic of You (Total bath book by Johanna Lindsey)

    Favourite song: Right now – Tonight by John Legend – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXvy8ZeCs5M

    Favourite thought? Going home to my family when I have been away for even a few hours.. Love the environment in my home most of the time 🙂

    Favourite blog? There are too many to pinpoint one!

    What are YOUR favorites? (not sure what this means)

    • These are great!
      Ive never been to Australia but I cant imagine life without fall.
      Aquamarine is a beautiful color and goes well with copper–LOL
      Yes I love David Eddings as well and I know all about Heavenly Nostrils, I follow it thanks to memoirsofa dragon! Good for you for reading self development books, I tend to want escapism but that doesn’t get me anywhere.
      Wonderful favorite thought, you are lucky to have a home that is your castle.

  6. I loved your favorites list! I was reminded of the song. Congrats on being cancer free…what a blessing and gift.

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