“Silent Worship” (Song)

This song was made popular by the Jane Austin movie “Emma”.  The song “Silent Worship” is a 1928 adaptation by Arthur Somervell of the ariaNon lo dirò col labbro[1] from Handel‘s 1728 opera Tolomeo (Ptolemy).[2] Somervell’s English-language adaptation is for voice and piano, and it has remained a popular classic in song recitals and home music-making. Other arrangements of Somervell’s translation include solo song accompanied by a modern symphony orchestra,[3][4] and male choir. (Wikipedia)

Did you not hear my lady
Go down the garden singing?
Blackbird and thrush were silent
To hear the alleys ringing
O saw you not my lady
Out in the garden there?
Shaming the rose and lily
For she is twice as fair

Though I am nothing to her
Though she must rarely look at me
And though I could never woo her
I love her till I die

Surely you heard my lady
Go down the garden singing?
Silencing all the songbirds
And setting the alleys ringing

But surely you see my lady
Out in the garden there
Rivalling the glittering sunshine
With a glory of golden hair


4 comments on ““Silent Worship” (Song)

    • I love old English ballads and Irish songs. And Hymns. Most of the stuff I do are surrounding those genres. Right now I am working on Scarborough Fair, I LOVE that song.
      Are you ready to read your stuff out loud? With practice it becomes easy. Look for my email on it later this week. I am NOT “Harry Pottering” your email box with loads of letters this time, no, just one a day!

  1. I’ve seen parts of emma 🙂 I like this … A lot.

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