Turning 45 #6

I know I have turned 45 when…..my toenails are so thick that I have to clip them with garden shears!


25 comments on “Turning 45 #6

  1. Enjoy it! Might not be able to reach them when you turn …..105!

    • Ha! This made me laugh. Of course, she’d have to be able to see them clearly to clip them. We will hope her eyesight is better than her flexibility at 105!

    • 105…how about….57? 🙂 🙂

      • Under the ‘O’ …….57 ……..BINGO!!!!!!! But cycling keeps me young! You now qualify for 🍁 Honorary Coy Canadian Status 🍁! 🙂 But what of the second … hint I gave you?

        • I am taking lessons from the master!
          Wait, my young-at-heart padawan, for my BOOK of an email. I hope you wont have a seizure from the length of it.
          Although, now that I review my email, which hint are you referring to? I may have missed it.
          And I think YOUR brain and….yes….CUTE personality keeps you young as well! Im sure you could cycle rings around people half your age. You could definitely outdo me in everything. Except I look younger….and I think probably….cuter! But I will never know as you will never send me any pictures….sob…..

  2. I knew I was 45 when the garden shears broke trying to cut my thick toenails.

  3. I can I just say…”Ewwwwwwww!” LOL This made me laugh. I’m 45 too so I’m relating to all these posts. You make me smile. Hey btw did you get the email I sent you with the link to work blog?

  4. or “you know you’re 45 when you reach over to cut your toenails and you tumble out of the chair instead. actually, that is more appropriate for “you know you’re 85 when…”

  5. when i was 45 i climbed mountains. now that i’m officially priceless, i don’t have to climb mountains to experience them…i get the exercise just by driving up them. hehe

  6. i could carry you…perhaps. your gravatar looks very light

    • My gravatar ISNT REAL, ding dong….I have a cushy booty, so I doubt you could see and carry at the same time, although I would definitely cushion your fall…. 🙂

  7. clever…and finally, now i can go “hmmmm…” lol

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