The Foundation of (My) Belief

Today’s Daily Prompt: I Believe  got me thinking about the foundations of what I do and do not believe.  The problem is limiting it to just three!  We all believe in something or someone.  We walk in faith every day.  For example, we all believe that, when we get into the car, we will make it to our destination in one piece. Else we would stay at home! I believe that when I open my mouth, I’m not going to stick my foot in it.  What I believe doesn’t always pan out!  🙂

My core, foundational beliefs are centered around my faith. I am a simple person with a simple faith.  I’m not an expert that can refute the whys and give you absolutes.  But faith is not based on absolutes, it is based on expectations and hopes for future events.

I believe in an all powerful, all knowing, eternal triune God, who created me in His image to have a personal and loving relationship with Him.

God is the wind in my sails.  He is my loving Father and I am His child.  He is my rock and my salvation.  He gives me hope through the trials of life.  He restores my soul.

I believe that the power of love transcends evil.

I have been reading through the New Testament and what strikes me the most is the emphasis that the writers have on a deep and abiding love for God and our fellow men.  And I don’t mean romantic love.  That kind, while powerful, is often transitory at best and feeds our sexual desires only.  I mean a deep, unselfish, heart-driven love for others.  The kind of self-sacrificial love that puts others before ones’ own needs.  If we could practice this kind of love on a daily basis our world would be free of greed and envy and strife.  No one would be homeless or hungry ever again; we would share and share alike.  Hugs would abound and hearts would overflow daily with kindness both given and taken.  What a utopia.

The Bible tells us that one can determine a true Christian by their love for others.  I fear that there are few true Christians in this world, for this love does not bar or belittle or unfriend or judge.  It freely gives, always hopes, always endures, never fails.

I believe that I am a sinner in need of God’s Grace and Jesus’ salvation.

One can see our sin nature in the life of any toddler.  They walk around in the wake of “no”.  I am very tired of saying the word NO as a parent!  Toddlers epitomize our sin nature; they want what they want when they want it and no one will stop them without a big old tantrum.  We are all born with this desire to disobey.  Mankind is inherently steeped in evil and sin.  And it doesn’t take but a casual perusal of headlines to see that.

God cant stand sin.  But He loves us so much.  What to do about it?  He made a sacrificial plan to bridge the gap that sin forges between us.

I don’t believe that there are many ways to ‘get into heaven’.

The Bible states that God has one plan for salvation.  And it is the only key to an eternal relationship with Him.  A simple plan but one that cost Him His greatest sacrifice.  Gifting part of Himself to us and losing His life to save ours.  The greatest Love of all.  A free gift, freely given, that we might have life everlasting.

I don’t believe that people are inherently ‘good’.

I am a good example of a person who was steeped in morality falling apart at the seams.  My upbringing should have made me a good person. It did not.  I yield to temptation every day.  I am dissatisfied with myself, envious of others, greedy and unfaithful, to name but a few of my sins.  But God is patient, and gently leads me back when I do stray. I ask forgiveness and forge on with my life, knowing I will fall and knowing He will be there to pick me up.

I don’t believe that the world has the answers for a fulfilled, contented life.

Statistics on lottery winners are poor.  They are not happier after their windfall.   I know a lottery winner.  She won 3.2 million dollars on a slot machine.  I couldn’t believe how stressed and unhappy she was after her windfall!  And how it divided our unit.  People had expectations of her to give a party or do something for the unit.  Everyone in her family had expectations.  Everyone had their hand out waiting for her to do something.  Becoming rich brings a whole new world of stresses.

As a child I was very plain.  And teased a lot for it.  I grew into a shy, plain teenager wishing for beauty and thinking it would make me happy.  I was one of those caterpillars.  I transformed into beauty toward the end of college and my early 20’s.  And saw the other side.  The side where I couldn’t tell if someone liked me for myself or for my looks.  Being shy, it was agonizing to walk into a room and have men’s eyes follow me all around.  At work,  I had many difficulties with male patients becoming too attached to me.  I saw that beauty was more difficult than plainness.

I own a lot of ‘stuff’.  And it is a millstone around my neck and chains my soul.  I long for a simpler life, where my house isn’t chock full of things that I have to move around and clean.  But I live with people who love stuff, so it is a cross for me to bear.  Stuff is necessary, but overstuffed is a burden.

I look forward to reading about your beliefs, if you decided to do this prompt!  I found it a blessing to write, and I hope you get to know me a little better and even find it a blessing to read!

16 comments on “The Foundation of (My) Belief

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  8. my opinion really doesn’t matter. what matters is truth…and the truth that will set you free. so many have faith in something or someone that puts them into an emotional, mental, or spiritual prison (like islam, for example). Jesus Christ came to free them from that prison, beginning with their recognition of their slavery. for that is what sin is, slavery. think about it. and be blessed.

  9. So clearly yet well expressed. As a pastor’s daughter, I’ve grown up with the same beliefs that you stated, although sometimes I’ve rebelled against them, and sometimes I’ve embraced them anew. 🙂 I wish I had the gift of expressing my beliefs as gracefully as you do up there.

  10. What a beautiful post on faith, Lori! Wow. I agree with what you said. In fact, I just wrote a poem tonight about how the our “love” of each other and things are false love. The only true love comes from the Father. This is a great testimony of your belief. Thank you for sharing this.

    • I loved the prompt, and I don’t often talk about my faith, which I feel I should do more often for myself and others. I have an Easter poem coming out about evangelism.

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