The Ultimate Sound of Destiny quote

 “The ultimate sound of destiny is but a heart pausing for the next life-beat.”

Philosophical richness from memoirsofadragon


16 comments on “The Ultimate Sound of Destiny quote

  1. is destiny inevitable? are we but a breath? and is there hope after breath? are you going too deep for even my exhaustive contemplative analysis with rhetorical tendencies? or…have i mythed the point?

    • 🙂 You too deep? Never…..We are but one heartbeat away from eternity and we rely on the next heartbeat to keep us going. I think we take that fragility for granted! I think God has one destiny planned for each of us, but we have the choice for a myriad of others that are not in His plan! And I think few choose the path that He has outlined, including myself.

  2. Ouch Kerryman. You should be ‘pun’ished for that last quote.
    Each breath comes with the hope that it isn’t the last and our future unfurls with each new breath we take,
    xxx Massive Hugs Lori xxx

    • I have heart palpitations from premature atrial contractions, and when it starts up I cant help but think that the fragility of one’s life depends on each heartbeat, so I liked this sentence a friend put on a comment a lot! Huge hugs, Lori

  3. Ohhhh…I like!! What a great quote 🙂

    • I love quotes and I am always on the lookout for them! This one came from a comment of Greg’s, he is very wise!

      • He is wise!! And I went and read his whole poem and loved it. Just so you know you are going to get some repeats on my new blog since you followed my other one. Sorry, about that.

        • Poetry is meant to be read again and again! Im excited for you that you are unfragmenting! Will Healing Thoughts still be separate?

          • That is my work blog and Only you have access to that because it reveals to much of my personal location and stuff. Would mind changing it to HT so people can’t find it? It is about safety (I’ve had a bad experiences on here). I will be posting some HT on Tuesdays, though 🙂

            • So sorry Kira! I didn’t know!

              • It is sooo not your fault! I should have said something to you about it. The issue I had on here was partly why I left. But it’s been resolved. I just learned to keep certain parts of my life private here on WP. You I trust so I don’t care what you know 🙂 I’m glad that we found each other on here

                • I took it all off and I am honored you trust me! I am excited to see what you do on your integrated site! And I love your devotional blog, it is inspiring and makes me think! God uses trials in amazing ways!

                  • Oh, you didn’t have to take it all off, but thank you 🙂 I do trust you and G! I’m looking forward to seeing what takes place on my integrated site too! lol I’m glad you like the devotional blog. I will be posting some of them on Kirsten Uninterrupted on Tuesdays. God can recycle anything for good…thank goodness!!!

                    • That is awesome. You have great analogies and very pertinent to daily life. Im glad they will be a series!

                    • I decided to make Tuesdays a Faith Writing day. That way if people want or don’t want to read about faith it will be labeled so they will be forewarned.

          • And thank you for being so kind about reading my poems again. I’m excited about living a decompartmentalized life too!

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