Lifeless Corpse Haiku

Life cut short, we mourn

your rejection of His Grace.

Saturating tears


Hell’s fire, treasure yours

Hindsight seizes inner thoughts:

Could I have said more?


Witnessed chance now lost

Those hesitant moments passed!

Your soul the true cost

I have periods where I feel terrible about my poor witness for my faith.  Lost souls haunt me and I feel the burden.  This poem was an attempt to  creatively share that burden with others who may feel the same way.

Picture: lowenael.deviantart.com


3 comments on “Lifeless Corpse Haiku

  1. You are NOT a poor witness for your faith!! You are an amazing witness. The fact that you think you are poor witness means you are not!! I can relate though because I’ve thought the same thing about myself. I almost didn’t put up my Faith Writing on Tuesday because I thought people might be offended or not like it. Then I realized it might actually help someone. You are a wonderful witness for The Lord. And I’m blessed by you every time I read your blogs!! Xoxo

    • I am praying that your weekly series will touch many lives, I see in the comments that one person is seeking more than what they have…a great start! I feel like I do very little for my faith, having a bit of a crisis right now. I just keep repeating the verse: Draw nigh unto me and I will draw nigh unto you. Running this race of faith is very hard at times.

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