Can “nose picking” and “pickles” be said in the same sentence?

Ephesians 4:29 “No foul language is to come from your mouth, but only what is good for building up someone in need.”

Great advice,  and the world would be a better place if we could follow it.  I have a problem with words.  They pop out of my mouth before I even realize they are a spark in my head.  A bad habit indeed.

I try and limit my words to softer explicatives.  But I like “effing” and “dumbass”, especially when exasperated by my son.  Then, all the worst of me comes out and I am a fishwife in the throes of bipolar mania.

I am trying to work on this but there are just times when some word needs to be said.  So I have been making a list of words to use that are not objectionable, at least not objectionable to the typical US citizen.

nose picking




fart knocker



Ok, some of these are iffy.  Some are just funny.  “Oh, pickles” is quite underpowered but it makes me laugh when I use it, and is not the action of defusing the bomb part of the reason why we use powerful derogatory words in the first place?  But I have to de-throttle slowly. And much of that is a head thing.  See the action as objectionable to God and in time it will be objectionable to me.  At least my conscience tells me that I am wrong to hurdle low class insults at people and it doesn’t help me be a better person or have a Christian testimony.

“Jesus, when he was tired one day, went off away from the crowds to rest.  The crowds followed him and he was filled with compassion for them, for they were like sheep gone astray.”  What a lovely way to view a stressful situation!  Compassion and gratitude will slay any desire to give into word-driven anger.

Now what would I have done?

Sadly, I would have said something like this:  “Oh PICKLES, those bloody nose picking GOOBERS are coming this way…..”

You see, I have a far way to go in my race to find compassion and gratitude.  But, I did prove that nose picking and pickles are grammatically compatible……..


14 comments on “Can “nose picking” and “pickles” be said in the same sentence?

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  2. If The Ephesians had been round today I’m sure they would have amended their instructions to be little more flexible and would have created an acceptable list. No doubt they’d have headed in you direction for advice and accepted all of these and more.
    Jesus mayhave felt compassion for his lost sheep but today we’d have happily told the goobers to go away and find something nice to do.
    xxx Massive Hugs Lori xxx

  3. I wonder if there are emoticons for pickles and goobers! 🙂 🙂 ……….!

  4. Bloody is definitely not funny. But- I will share what I have heard,,,

    “Oh, Ham!” “Hammit!” “Shee-ite Moslem!” “Snockers!” “Dumb-bunny” “That’s dirty pool!” and so many other “unspoken requests.”

    I still like “God help us!” at such frustrating times. Especially said with bulging eyes.

    Bollocks is just a fun word to say. sorry, but it is true.

    • Love snockers and bollocks! Agree, it is fun to say. Unfortunately I also like naughty words in other languages–lol—they don’t seem naughty when I don’t speak the language, even when I know the meaning. 🙂

  5. Ohhhh my gosh you have me laughing soooo hard, Lori! This line in particular made me really get laughing “Oh PICKLES, those bloody nose picking GOOBERS are coming this way…..” Ugh…I would be right there with you in saying that! Heck, I think I probably say it once a week at work! I think you are probably hard on yourself and you do much better than you realize!

    • That sentence may be my epitaph….LOL! I am trying hard not to be a potty mouth anymore. A struggle but I have been saying less and thinking more!

      • I used to cuss like a sailor! That has changed over the years. As long as I’m not around someone else who has a potty mouth I do okay. If I’m around someone who cusses a lot I find that the words start to jump in my mouth too!

        • As a pediatric nurse I have to really watch my mouth at work. And I am really trying to do better at home as well, but when I get frustrated it still slips out, especially my Nana’s “crap” which I heard every other sentence growing up, and “dumbass”….because it just is funny to say when one doesn’t really mean it. But those are harsh, so I have been trying to replace them with “pickles” or “shizzle” or silly words. Sigh, not the same “release” but it is a start!

  6. Having grown up in a household where put-downs and name-calling were the norm, I took a piece of excellent advice from Captain Kangaroo, who had grown up in similar circumstances. When I was five months pregnant with my son, I wrote down a list of the awful names I had been called, and the terrible things my mother had said that tore down my self esteem and drove me out onto the streets. Every day I read those words and expletives, and prayed to God that I should never say them to my son. I did pretty well, falling of course from time to time. Words can hit harder than a fist.

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