Shenandoah (song)

Shenandoah is one of my mom’s favorite songs.  It was a River boat song sung by the men as they worked the rivers in the 1900’s.  There are a load of stanzas that were added by the river workers, some of them a bit raunchy.  Sorry, I picked the clean version.  And it is a lovely tune, as you will see if you choose to listen. 

Im pretty funny when I record.  I use my hands to guide me.  If I were brave I would video it as it definitely would give you a laugh.  I follow a blogger, Allyson, (Among the Ashes) who videos her songs.  She is amazing!
Despite her severe depression and anger issues, this young woman can paint (reminiscent of Picasso, sing like Evanescence’s Amy Lee, play piano and sing (I cant walk and chew gum at the same time), and she writes her own songs.  Plus poetry.  I tell her often how insanely jealous I am–she is the most talented person I know.



6 comments on “Shenandoah (song)

  1. Okay, is that you singing? If it is WOW! You are a woman of many talents. I have to tell you that I shared your “Oh pickles…” line with all my co-workers and we all got hysterical. Now any time I see someone coming into work and I think, “Oh no…” I say your line. It’s stuck in my head!

    How are you?

    • Mwha-ha-ha-ha…..that was my intention! Get everyone stuck on a silly line! Im glad you appreciate my song, yes I love to sing! Especially very loudly in the shower…..opra no less! LOL! I am doing fine!

    • LOL you should hear me in my tiled shower. The acoustics are awesome! My family sometimes camps out in the bathroom! No privacy for mom! Singing is a “hobby” that really soothes my soul. There is almost nothing more satisfying….except writing a really cool poem…or reading anything from the author of MOAD! 🙂 My son is playing Star Wars online RPG and he insists the background vocals are me! 🙂

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