I don’t plan on rotting in the ground when I die.  No, too little land left for my 6 feet.  My decision was cemented when 100 year old bodies floated down the Missouri during the 1993 floods.  I don’t want parts of me breaking off in a river decades from now to be eaten by river fish.  Nope, not for me.

I will be a tree, stuck in an enviro-urn.  But I will still have a plaque and my tree will have a name of some sort.  Maybe Gimpet.  Kind of tree-spritish.

So what will my epitaph say?  LOL, my family is not too creative, so wife and mom is about my expectations.  But what would I want it to say?  Morbid thought?

I took care of a child who at the age of 12 was diagnosed with a condition that had a 5 year life span.  His mom took him to the funeral home and he chose his casket.  We were horrified and felt it was as close as possible to child abuse.  But mom worked at a funeral home, and it was natural and important for her to have her son get his input.  Of course, perhaps she didn’t have to rush out as soon as he was diagnosed, but there you go.  He actually lived for 7 years, but took himself off of dialysis due to frustration over his deteriorating condition.  Mom gave him a party before he stopped dialysis and he passed away quietly two days after his last treatment.  A good way to go, if one can quantify death of a young person as good.  But he got to choose whether to live or die, a choice many don’t get to make.

Most people don’t think about what they want for their funeral or memorial service or plaque.  They leave it up to grieving friends or relatives who have to make it up on the spur of the moment.  Not a very nice gift to leave.  For me, easy.  No memorial service, plant me as a tree and if you want a plaque I have suggested my favorite quote to my horrified family:

“Imperfections are the dimples on the face of life”



14 comments on “Epitaph

  1. I agree its not something you think about but I know a lot of people do choose what they’d like inscribed on their gravestone. ‘I told you I was sick’ always made me smile. I like yours, I like the idea of being a tree. I don’t want to be buried as in fifty years I will be a neglected grave like so many in the cemetries around where I live. Rather I would like my children to have their own memorial if they want one to, just a photo or what ever they decide. Importantly I want my story preserved for my gkids and further generations.

  2. I want to be cremated and my ashes scattered in the hills of my beloved Wales. My epitaph would be great f along the lines of
    ‘He always tried to be nice.’
    xxx Sending Massive Hugs Lori. xxx

  3. I think I’m going to be cremated. I haven’t really given it much thought! I’d like to be scattered on Moose Pond in Maine.

    • Cremation costs 1200 and burial 12000 without the casket. Amazing difference. I like the thought of giving back to nature instead of holding it up in a coffin.

      • I don’t have an definite plans, but I figure the whole ashes to ashes, dust to dust thing!

        • Last Sunday we buried my dad’s ashes in an envelope designed to degrade within 6 months under a cherry tree with a beautiful plaque over the site. A seat will be placed there in the future, so we will have a place to sit. It overlooks a huge garden sponsored by my church. A lovely place for him.

  4. If anything, I would want friends to throw a party …for themselves! And remember old jokes, fun times and laughter. No tears for me, please!

    • Agree! I don’t want a funeral at all, or a memorial service! A good old rousing drink fest is more my speed….lol! It’s the Irish in me, methinks!

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