The Federal Reserve and the Gold Ponzi scheme

This is a 20 minute video from Glenn Beck, who discusses why the Federal Reserve could not meet Germany’s demand for their gold, and why the part that was returned had been melted down. A disturbing review with global implications.


5 comments on “The Federal Reserve and the Gold Ponzi scheme

  1. My roommate loves her some Glenn Beck! He seems to have great advice on many things. Is he the one that tells us about Food Insurance?

    • I haven’t seen that one but it wouldn’t surprise me. I would love to see what he has done to prep for the upcoming economic collapse. I am sure he has loads of stuff stored away!

  2. Hmmmm, even worse than I thought. Good time to put away plenty of salt, peppercorns, sugar, coffee, tea, tobacco, guns, ammo, off-grid light sources and their fuel, grains in sealed metal containers, a grain, spice and coffee grinder, plan and implement an evacuation scheme (to the house in the mountains, with the year-round spring, where you are collecting your survival necessities), buy seeds for a big garden, and put your tools in your shed. If you can get a cow, at least one horse, and a flock of chickens, that’s good to start now. Because not very long from now, people are going to start realizing that what we call “money” is another name for “gotcha, sucker!” I don’t know what all them super-rich embezzlers are going to eat when the international food economy collapses along with everything else, but it’s a good time to plan. Oh, and if you don’t smoke tobacco–somebody else does, and they will pay good gunpowder and shells for it. See how free trade works?

    • I hear ya, Sis, and our minds are thinking alike….this video sickened me. If it is true, I am not proud to be an American.

      • I learned a lot from my neighbors when I lived in Utah, about every aspect of post-apocalypse survival. Very interesting if you read Prophets and Psalms, this is clearly predicted, and not too long from now. I had everything all set for Y2K, which of course never happened, but it was a good dry run. Now if I can just convince my second spring (water) to run into the spring box and not on the basement floor, I’ll be happy. 😀

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