The Ultimate in Cat Furniture

IO9 has a post out on this German-made cat furniture from Goldtaze. Too nuts to believe without seeing it.  Now I have cats, but every darn thing I have ever bought them has been given away due to no use or peed on.

It’s the way of cats.  They would rather watch you suffer the mortification of having tried and failed to impress them than actually try the item in question.  Anyway, get a load of some of the stuff people with more money and room than sense can buy their little furry litter box friends.  Don’t know about you but I don’t want litter falling on my head from their little littery feet….

This wall furniture is the coolest thing your cat will see all day


25 comments on “The Ultimate in Cat Furniture

  1. Wow Lori. That room’s better furnished than mine.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. Oh, so many reasons not to have cats! My dog keeps begging me to get her a kitty of her own. My mother’s cat refuses to play with her, and she is broken-hearted over this. Yet still I resist, thinking of the litter box, and the yummy treats it would provide; the total loss of my status as benevolent dictator in my house, as the wee kitten prances along the kitchen counter and from there to the top of the fridge, pausing to pee in the potted plants; et cetera. It’s not that I’m a cat-hater. Far from it. Let’s just say I’m between cats. I might get another in ten years, could be more or less.

    • My husband has decided that litter boxing is no longer his thing, citing “asthma”. So now I get to doo the dirty daily for 4 cats. They in turn like my laundry room floor and my bedroom better than their litter boxes. So I am up to my elbows in cat excrement. Resist! Resist!

      • Uggghhhhh! Feh! Nope, I sure would find something else for the furry cuties to do…elsewhere….my goodness, if your husband is allergic to them, that’s reason enough for them to go…Somewhere Else. But I’m sure you have your reasons for keeping them. My friend splurged on one of those automatic Kitty Krapolators that looks like an igloo, nice and private like cats are supposed to enjoy, has an electric eye that sets off a “cleaning cycle” upon exit….won’t use the damn thing, but instead uses the guest bathroom…..shit, wouldn’t you? I would. I’m not going poo in some damn dark dank place where who knows what could be lurking, besides a bunch of……

        My son had a wonderful cat that besides crapping in all of my houseplants, was a great little fur-person. After his untimely death from a stroke at age 10, Colin HAD to have another cat, and brought one in from the barn. SHE had kittens on the hearth in front of the fireplace (romantic), and we went from zero to five cats in a week’s time. He wanted to keep them all in the house, I said fine if you clean the box, he said “deal”. But didn’t. Said it make him sick. I said it made me sick too, but they’re your cats, so clean the damn box NOW. I stood there with arms folded, and he made a good start at it, but then threw up in the box….OMG….the cats went back out to the barn. Perfectly good place for cats. I think I’ll stop now 😉

        • OMG, I died laughing at this. Threw up in the litter box…classic! Thank God you understand! I don’t want the little blighters, my family does, but refuses to help with litter duties. If I had a barn they would be there. Instead I hear my 20 year old cat RAWLR all night long and clean up her poo on the floor cause she can! Trust mom to do the nasty after all she’s a NURSE!

          • Glad you enjoyed it. Right, nurses get to do all the yucky jobs….I could never be a nurse. When I went to medical school all these people started saying “oh, you’re going to be a NURSE, right?” And I’m like, people, you don’t understand. Human secretions/excreta make me BARF. And then they’re like, oh, so you just like ordering nurses around, right? And I’m like, PEOPLE, you just don’t get it. If you want to go to hell RIGHT NOW, just piss off a nurse and see what happens!!! Anyway. 20 year old cat, hey? I’m not sure if I would have the heart to put her out in the snow (she’d find a way to get back in anyway), but I’d be sore tempted. Cats yowling in the night, demanding to be let in, let out, let in, let out, etc., etc…..my last cat was my last cat, I really really hope. Oh, and in my peds residency we had a NICU nurse who went to med school to be a NICU doc. She drove me nuts because here we were post-call writing TPN orders and she just, like, knocked ’em off, and I’m sitting there with my effing calculator burning up brain cells that I couldn’t afford, and she’s sitting there smirking at me drinking coffee, waiting for rounds. I wanted to kill her but didn’t have time.

            • I want to put a bag over her head but Brent wont hear of it…..LOL on the NICU resident who was a nurse! There is a lot of experience to be gleaned in nursing, especially physician orders. Having to carry them out gives a totally different perspective. I don’t love body fluids either, which is why I am a dialysis nurse! No bedpans! And I am cool with blood!

              • Oh yeah, blood is fine, and actually so are pee and poop. Throw-up is pushing it, and I draw the line at sputum. Too many nights as the sole lab tech at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, where substances to be tested came up from the ER on a dumbwaiter, and I had to do whatever was appropriate, like plating cultures of revolting substances…retch…

                • Totally agree on the sputum. Complete retch-fest. Whenever movies or show slime people I get nauseous. That being said, I make the most disgusting sound when trying to clear the back of my nasal passages–a wet sucking thslurrp/snort sound that has my family groaning any time I do it! LOL!

          • you should not have cats. you don’t deserve them.

  3. Those are really cool…actually. My cat would have loved all the bridges. I would have made one of my friends build it for me instead of paying the big bucks, though!

  4. This is a bit bizzare….reminds me of the dog i saw in the laundrymat today…who climbed up on a laundry table and went to sleep. Obviously, I did not fold my laundry there; I love cleanly folded clothes without dog or cat hair.

    • Me too, but that is a dream that, with 4 cats, will never come true! Expecially black ANYTHING! Getting my L-O-N-G haired cat shaved next week, that will help a little.

  5. My cats (Lilly and Mister) peeked at this and now are demanding their own InPURRmation Highway throughout the house! They already feel they are above me AND that I am beneath them…so this would make it more than symbolic!!! 🙂

    • Actually I can SEE you building something like this for them in their very own cat room! They have you wrapped around their little paws!

      • Haha–doctors and nurses are the WORST of the worst patients! When I was a 4th year med student on my OB-GYN rotation, I went into an (empty) labor room to write some notes, and noticed that the curtain on the back bed was pulled shut, and there were some muffled moans emanating. I peeked through the curtain and damn, there was one of the L&D nurses all alone, in active labor! I asked her what the hell she thought she was doing and she looks at me like I’m nuts and says, “I’m having a baby.” I said, do you want me to call your husband? She shouts “NO!!!! I want to have this baby in peace and quiet.” So she did. Then she got dressed, dressed up the baby, and went home.

        • O-M-G, in so many ways. I am shocked the hospital didn’t fire her for that! What if something had gone wrong, she wasnt a patient of theirs! The liability of doing something so inappropriate! And no testing on the baby? Just took it home? I am so appalled…..

      • I agree with you gimpet. I think having separate furniture for our pets is the need of time. I have also bought a climbing system for my four cats.

        • You are a good ‘dad’! Cats are climbers–and I think need to be climbers–and I am sure your system keeps them stimulated. My cats have ‘found’ their own nooks and systems to keep them climbing, mostly on top of my cabinets and the like!

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