The Physics of Sin

This is a very Christian themed post.  If you aren’t into that, and you want to hear my song (of course you do  🙂 ) go down to the end….

Free Will

Why God “made” or “allowed” sin is one of the greatest stumbling blocks to anyone seeking to understand the purpose of God’s salvation plan.  And the typical answer is that God wanted a relationship with His creation, and that cannot happen without “free choice” ie: man choosing to have the relationship.  And while that is true for a deep meaningful relationship, I believe that there is a little more to the concept of sin than the relationship issue.

One of the foundational laws of physics is “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.  And one day is just hit me……The answer to sin lies in opposites!  God created mathematical opposites to balance the universe.  And just think about it:  Up/Down, In/Out, Night/Day, Forward/Backward, etc.  What about balance to good?  Did there have to be a balance to good?  I think, in order for us to have free will, the answer must be YES.  So the concept of evil was a “necessary evil” to allow us to understand the nature of God and “good”.  And what is the synonym for evil?  Sin.  Without sin there cannot be an understanding of  “good”.  So the Tree of Knowledge was created and God gave one commandment to Adam.  Do Not Eat It.  The Choice to eat it allowed evil to become a reality, thereby showing “good”.  And evil continues to test mankind to this day.

Adam and Eve leaving Garden

Of course when this popped into my head I thought: I will win the Nobel prize!  I have solved the mystery of good and evil and this is the greatest theory since M Theory hit the physics world in the 90’s!  Well, ok, NOT……. but for one manic moment I thought this was a novel approach to the “problem” of sin and a God of love.  In reality, this is silly and simplistic.  While there may actually be something to my balance theory (and it really is mainly my quirky sense of humor spouting another Lori-ism), the reality is that God simply cannot, yes, CANNOT stand to be near sin.  It is His one “limitation”.  Satan was partly right when he said we would be like ‘gods’, knowing good and evil.  We can do the one thing that God can’t do: sin.

But I’m not a slug, and can never be a slug, and is that an enviable state?  I think not.  So Satan was doubly cruel, how much he hated this finest creation of God!  Most people read the Fall of Man in a didactic way, and it never occurred to me to look at it more personally until I listened to a CD called The Story.  The first song is Adam and Eve’s lamentation.  And it is so powerful, it left me speechless.  If you have suffered through this post, then do listen to my rendition to this amazing song.  I wish I had the music with it, it is only a shadow of the real song.  (You will need your earphones as it is very soft for some reason.)

If I Could A Capella

3291452599 Adam and Eve

  For me, this song made the Fall of Man not a theological discussion, but an anguish laid on two people who have been vilified, who have had to bear the brunt of generations of sinners on their shoulders, who saw God leave them, who were outcast from perfection.  How they could have survived this, built a life for themselves and had a family is amazing to me.  Darn that sex, I would have never had kids if I were in their place…..

Since perfection existed for an unknown period of time before sin entered our hearts, while the physical world must be in balance, the mental and spiritual world is probably not subject to these laws.  Sigh, I had that money all spent in my head…..


6 comments on “The Physics of Sin

  1. God did not create evil. By nature, He cannot sin, or, go against His own will. It is humankind that wants an easy answer to everything. It is a mystery. Unfortunately, most Americans have been taught that it is not OK for a mystery to remain a mystery. In order to understand how tiny our minds are, we need to understand that sometimes we are not capable of understanding. Take tongues, speaking in tongues, for example. Many people assume that one speaks wholly in another language in the same manner as a human language. Why is that necessary? Did mankind create the ability to speak? How arrogant of mankind to assume he or she is so intelligent. A tongue can be made up of numerous language parts interspersed in different syntactic order and semantic arrangement that would confuse even a genius…

  2. your concept of the need for balance is not a Judeo-Christian one but a theme of zen buddism (or “the force” from star wars). if you desire to be a disciple of Jesus, being called Christian, it is time to put away ideas and influences that are anti-Christian.
    Take, for example, the following ideas that are all contrary to God and the word of God but practiced or adhered to people who call themselves Christians but who are either slaves to a sin or not a follower of Christ at all: Horoscopes, Yoga, karma, yin-yang, the force, balance, Mother Nature, Gaia, and I could go on and on. Hopefully, you are not one of them that has fallen. :

  3. Great job, Lori! You’ve made a wonderful case for the “why” of sin. I will not say “evil,” though, for I think that’s even more complex physics. God created everything, or else it would not exist. God even created “satan,” which is a Hebrew word meaning “spiritual impediment.” That means to say, God tests us with spiritual impediments according to our needs for spiritual growth. Just as the Serpent tested Eve, and Eve tested Adam, God tests us every day with challenges big and small, to make us grow.

    I have been having many conversations with my mother about this. Of course everyone says, how could God allow evil of the magnitude of the Holocaust to come into the world? That’s a bigger question than I’m up to tackling. But as for sin, which we do all the time whether intentionally or unintentionally, I think you’ve got a very good explanation.

    • I love reading different people’s perspectives on posts! It was just an idea that popped into my head one day while reading the Bible. One never knows the behind story until one dies, but I like to think about it. I think the larger picture of the holocost was that it allowed present day Isreal to be born again, a feat that is miraculous–and predicted–in the Bible. Without the world crying out against the atrocities against Isrealites, I don’t think Israel would have ever been allowed to be a nation. God used that to bring His people back home.

      • Amen to that, and may it continue to exist! Obama is doing his best to re-divide Jerusalem, Jews are prohibited from going to places like Jericho (!) and Joseph’s tomb (!) and, of course, there is the outrageous ban on Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount. I went up to the Temple Mount with the director of the Temple Institute (you should check out their website, it’s amazing!) on the 9th of the month of Av, which is the saddest day in the Jewish calendar (all of the huge disasters happened on that day), and I found that the 15 steps, which correspond to the 15 “Songs of Ascent” in Psalms, are still standing! I wanted to say Psalm 121 “A Song of Ascents: I raise my eyes to the mountains…” just in my heart, not aloud, and a Jordanian soldier saw me and hustled me along. It broke my heart. I could go on and on about this….

  4. Adam (mankind) and eve (breath of life, God’s glory breathed into Adams nostrils, the man’s glory, the rib slave
    s lave kaver lavage washes away all iniquity and sin, purge and shut the door of evil (d evil) iniquity and sin (hiding from GOD, rejecting the fluid flow by man putting his hands without counsel of GOD
    sin, s with a line over it, means “without” in medical shorthand…
    Yes the serpent was already in the world and they immediately gave birth to iniquity. GOD’S PLAN from the foundation to salvage the works of HIS HANDS… he is the potter we are the clay…

    Lambda, without sin, is a constant flow of GOD like a one way valve, knowing that GOD fills all things with what it needs as he flows thru it and to it… allowing GOD to GOD to the works of his hands. We are like a waterhose with a nozzel with a varying stream and force of flow= wavelengths
    Feed my lambs wavelengths
    Feed my sheep electromagnetic plate replenishing the earth
    We are like organelles tools of a cell, receptor binding sites as GOD FILLS OUR CUPS it is poured into earth (ponder: we are sacred holy vessels, what we do against our bodies/souls/each other also spills into all the earth)
    all members of ONE BODY
    as we are anointed by and gifted by GOD to function in his envelope.
    With sin we are rejecting refusing the fluidic flow of THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD thru us and our circumstances trying to reject the metamorphosis similar to different cell phases,
    think of things in terms of expanding contracting birthing/bursting forth. Like consciousness for instance, one may think he mastered something the GOD HIMSELF let’s us realize we have not begun to scratch the surface.

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