Let ‘er Happ’n Capp’n

One of my dad’s favorite phrases is the following:

“Is you ready Ski King?”  He would ask when the culprit was too slow at something.

“Let ‘er happ’n Capp’n” was the expected response from whomever of his family that he was currently addressing.  And that person was expected to get up and move, now.

This famous phrase in my family came from a true event that happened in Atlantic City in the 40’s.  A very wealthy Afraican-American decided to try water skiing one summer day while my grandpop was down enjoying the boardwalk. He had the best of everything.  A brand new speedboat with all the trimmings, brand new ski’s you name it and he was decked out.  He decided to start of his waterski adventure from the pier.  The pier was at least 10 foot high and this was his first attempt ever at water skiing.  But he had seen the professionals do it and it looked easy right?

After a lot of flash and preparing, he finally got into position.  The captain of the boat, also a newbie, asked grandly,  “IS YOU READY SKI KING?”


And the newly designated captain put the thruster into full position, jumping the boat into start at a full roar.  The poor man flipped off the pier and did several summersaults before slamming into the ocean.  Needless to say he did not get a good ride then or ever as he broke several limbs in the fall.  But his captain’s “Is you ready Ski King” is a call for let’s go in full attack mode in my family and his story will never be forgotten!


14 comments on “Let ‘er Happ’n Capp’n

  1. I’m sure you have lived your life by it. Haven’t seen you for a while.

  2. Ouch. A very painful reminder not to bite off more than you can chew. He probably went off the idea of water skiing after that. At least he provided your family with something lasting.
    xxx Massive Hugs Lori xxx

  3. Family…they give us such good fodder for our writing! Great story. Miss you and hope you are doing well. A big thank you to you for your contribution to the magazine. I think you will like the Tiger picture 🙂

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