Can America become a nation of drones?

The following link explores the origins of our public school system.  It is not written in favor of it.  And while I think it has a point, I do believe that the type of education that Germany has been so successful achieving is possible only in a country where the religion and homogenicity of the people allow for a…collective mind…if you will.  Borg beware!

America will never work this way. We are too argumentative, too varied religiously, too much a melting pot. We will never be homogenous as a nation.  A strength and a weakness.

The video of the history is fascinating if you wish to view. It is 8 minutes long.


2 comments on “Can America become a nation of drones?

  1. You’re right Lori. The U.S. will never be Borg. The only time the U.S. unites in during a World War or after an horrific event like 7/11. You all retain your individuality at other times. Thank Heavens for that.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. What happened at 711? 🙂

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