Beyond the Edge–Climbing Everest

Beyond the Edge (2013) Poster

While languishing on the 6 hour flight to Hawaii, I came across a new film on my video monitor called Beyond the Edge, a documentary and re-enactment of Sir Edmond Hillary’s first successful climb to the summit of Mount Everest in 1953.  I didn’t know much about this story, so I decided to watch it, being a bit if a history enthusiast.  The movie trailer can be seen here:

It was riveting.  I recommend that everyone see this movie whether or not you are interested in Mt Everest!

It made me really think about my life.  These men risked everything to be the first and the determination and drive to perform beyond what their body could handle was almost inconceivable to me.  What drives certain people to push themselves to the very edge of their existence? It goes beyond motivation and passion and determination.  This documentary showed a superhuman effort to achieve what had before been impossible.  To want something so much that one can push oneself to perform in appalling circumstances is a quality that I don’t believe I possess.  And that makes me sad that I am so flawed.  Perhaps that is the secret of greatness, the ability to self motivate and step outside any physical or mental obstacle with single minded determination.

I wish I wanted something so much that testing my limits was an essential means to the end for me.  I am too passive, too sated with a mundane existence.


2 comments on “Beyond the Edge–Climbing Everest

  1. I have been reading and collecting books about Everest for years … and did not know about this documentary! Now looking for it in town! THANKS!

    • Yeah, so glad to have posted this! You will absolutely love this film! Hope you find it. I watched on the airplane and part of the time my hands were over my mouth!

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