The Ultimate in Pet Feeders

For the small price of 249.00 US, the financially well-endowed and discerning cat owner can buy a feeder with  facial recognition software that can determine who is eating and dispense the right amount, or if the cat is a fat hog, no amount, of food into the bowl.  And who wouldn’t want to watch them on an app at feeding time?  Like I have nothing else to do?  LOL!  Believe it or not, they were selling for the low price of 149 for a short time and they are now SOLD OUT!  What owners will do for their pets……so….if I have a dog, will it work on them?

And who doesn’t want to limit your bored cat’s intake so they fight and howl even more than they do now?  Heck, the only way I keep my 4 darlings from killing each other is overfilled bowls and frequent soft food snacks!

Too see more, visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bistro-the-smart-feeder-that-recognizes-your-cat-s-face


Top 3 reasons why you should own a Bistro!



2 comments on “The Ultimate in Pet Feeders

  1. Ha ha ha! This just blew my mind.

    • It is actually great for multicast I suspect, especially if, like me, the owner has one that eats the food of all the others. I have actually thought about getting this due to Taffy’s obesity. 🙂

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