Getting Stuck on the Loo

I have come across the darnedest predicaments ass part of my war journey with Ehler-danlos and assorted afflictions.  The most recent being getting stuck on the loo. Hmm…you say. Getting stuck on the loo? you say (as if repeating it could make it any less incomprehensible, right?) You mean, Getting stuck IN the loo right? […]

My Immune Deficient Life

My medical story is long, convoluted and complicated.  I have multiple disorders linked to both genetic and immune dysregulation along with secondary disorders and complications.  I am in the high risk category of immune dysregulation, in that I have had cancer, I have at least two autoimmune diseases and I have an immunodeficiency.  What this […]

“Catcalling” Paul Watson

I secretly have the hots for the enigmatic Paul Watson.  Mr Paul Joseph Watson is the editor-at-large of and the-guy-you-love-to-hate on his no-hold-barred video blogs.  No matter that I am old enough for him to have nursed from my boob, or that I am probably related to him in some purvy way, having hailed in […]

My Lipedema Life

The vast majority of people are unaware of fat disorders, thinking that anyone who looks obese, or has large limbs is from caloric intake alone.  But fat disorders indeed exist and I have inherited a condition called Familial Lipedema, a genetic fat disorder, from my mom.  My great-grandmom had it, my mom, me, and my […]

My Gumby Life

Everyone has at least one family member “famous” for a physical ailment.  Sometimes that is the only thing known about them to younger generations.  At family gatherings I frequently heard about “Grandma with the leg swelling” or “Great Aunt Bertie who weighed 600 pounds” or “everyone has bad arthritis after age 50” etc.  Well, at […]

My Humpty Dumpty Life

I have discovered over the past three years that I have at least five serious, rare, familial health problems that have morphed into twenty conditions.  Yes, I hit the jackpot and inherited all of the mysterious and unnamed familial symptoms linked with one or a few family members over the past five generations.  Now that […]

Ode to the Burp we Slurp

I “created” this as a dare during a dinner with my daughter and her slightly mental best friend.  As I get along better with the slightly mental best friend (now named SMBF), I dont know what that says about myself….or my daughter….anyway, after an almost-fall-off-my-seat gustatory explosion, I was dared to write an Ode within […]