A Child’s Last Christmas

Every year countless children die around the Christmas holidays.  As a pediatric nurse, I have agonized with families who have children who have died Christmas day. For them, the holidays will always be touched with an ache only the death of a child can give.  As a cancer survivor, I have felt firsthand the potential of […]

A Tale of a Sock’s Wail

The Season of Socks!  My quirky daughter loves and collect socks.  While I can think of many more collectible items, she loves them equally, and the more unmatched the better.  One of her favorite stores is– a colorful wonder-world of loony yet loveable “unmatchfulness”.  Although Jenyn takes unmatched socks to an extreme; her socks neither match in any way, […]

The Ray That Strayed

This story-rhyme is my BABY.  Someday I was (?am) hoping to publish it as a children’s storybook.  I release it to its first little outing with a mamma’s anxiety…… Due to specific reasons, the commentary is below the story.  And NO PEAKING! After you read this, check out  Kranpix_ MG_6878, for his pictures that tell 10000 words. […]

A Whale of a Tale

I haven’t posted a “Dr Seussish” rhyme for some time, so I have been itching to post one.  This simple children’s rhyme tells a tale of a bullied crab who was ordered to go get dinner by his Wife and gets in a load of trouble from his poor fishing skills.  I would like to […]

Dr Seuss: My Fig Wig and Puce Striped Pants

This is a fun and mildly entertaining rhyme that I wrote for the Halloween season. I have the mentality of an 8 year old, and just love to write goofy rhymes a la Dr Seuss!  This rhyme  is about a mom and teenage daughter fighting over a Halloween outfit for a silly themed dance.  And I shall let […]

To: Dr Seuss, With Love

Ahhh, Dr Seuss, the last generation’s first introduction to meter and rhyme.  His quirky iconic humor lifted simple rhyming into a Work of Art in Children’s Fiction.  His books now have to fight with brightly colored glittery shades that sparkle and have little substance (well, except for Little Miss Spider, which I secretly loved and read […]